Wood And Wire, Ears Have Ears Soundtracks

In 2012, I founded Wood And Wire – a digital-only record label with an ambit to represent experimentation in Australian music across all genres. Over three years, Wood And Wire released 37 albums and EPs, including material from Rites Wild, Kucka, Hollow Press, Textile Audio, Fatti Frances, David Evans, Adam Cadell, Pollen Trio and many more. Wood And Wire will be distributing its final release this month, to tie in with the conclusion of its parent project, New Weird Australia.

Here’s the statement from Wood And Wire web site:

New Weird Australia is concluding its mission after five years in operation, and will mark the moment with the final Wood And Wire release, ‘Wood And Wire: Ears Have Ears Soundtracks‘, featuring exclusive soundtracks recorded for FBi Radio’s ‘Ears Have Ears’ experimental music program, with extended material from Fatti Frances, Rites Wild, Hollow Press and Cycle~ 440.

The full Wood And Wire archives will remain online indefinitely, acting as a record of a unique and vibrant period in the outer limits of Australian music.


For the final release on Wood And Wire, we present a selection of original recordings from Wood And Wire artists created exclusively for the Australian radio program, Ears Have Ears.

Ears Have Ears: Unexplored Territories In Sound is a weekly radio program airing Thursdays 9-11pm on FBi 94.5FM in Sydney. Each week Ears Have Earsinvites a musician creating experimental, forward-thinking and innovative music to compose an original soundtrack to a film of their own imagining.

Since 2011, Ears Have Ears featured over 150 soundtracks, as well as exclusive mixtapes, live performances and interviews from internationally acclaimed musicians such as Lucrecia Dalt, Scanner, Nurse With Wound, Ben Frost and closer to home, innovative Australian sound makers including Lawrence English, Wonderfuls, Primitive Motion and Sky Needle.


1. RITES WILD  The Past Will Become New Again (23:33)

“The Past Will Become New Again” is an experiment in past and future tense, and a soundtrack to accompany daily habitual patterns born of comfort and safety. It attempts to draw a line between nostalgia and forward motion. Gradually, a sense of safety in familiarity becomes overpowered by the desire for change. A subtle – but forward moving – shift in direction through repetition, routine and ritual.

2. FATTI FRANCES 20 Minutes Of Supertramp (18:16)

’20 mins of Supertramp’ is just as the title describes. Sidestepping her love of wonky RnB to embrace an equally important influence of ballads for this piece, FF playfully flirts with her love for 70’s rock/pop band Supertramp, particularly the track ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ featured on ‘Famous Last Words’; the final album released by Supertramp with principal figure Rodger Hodgson.

3. HOLLOW PRESS Telepathic Perception (19:13)

A drone inspired piece that paints an atmospheric mood, surrounded by broken down machines, empty warehouses and voices in the air. It is a soundtrack about dream analysis and the observation of waking thought and is an attempt to telepathically influence people’s dreams. As if stuck in a tunnel, listening to the world walk on by above;

4. CYCLE~ 440 Lingering Echoes of the Tempest (19:55)

The air, still heavy from past transgressions, finds our protagonist in a place that could only have ever led them here to this point.