Visionary Underground, Air, Limited Express (Has Gone), Girl With A Monkey, Former Selv

100 vibes (feat. aref durvesh & matthew barley) mp3
i played a track from dj feelfree today, one of the main forces behind the uk asian drum’n’breaks crew visionary underground. i use the term drum’n’breaks intentionally, as it’s also the title of the album from which the track ‘sonic solution’ came from – ‘nasha – eastern drum’n’breaks’. it’s a top flight compilation of some of the finest dark, alternative asian music being made in the uk right now. to generalise (which you know i love to do…) it’s much like asian dub foundation when they roll out the drum’n’bass welcome mat. there’s heaps more mp3 downloads on the visionary underground site – i’ll check them all out and report back one day soon…

planet vega mp3
played a great remix today of the new air single ‘alpha beta gaga’. the mix is by mark ronson and features rhymefest dropping his mc skills all over it. sadly, no free mp3 of that one, but check out this li’l rarity from the grand royal compilation ‘at home with the groovebox’ (courtesy of the old faithful, epitonic)

downtoborn (edit) mp3
sadly this is not a full-length mp3, rather a short edit designed to act as a teaser for their 2002 album ‘feeds you!’, released on john zorn’s tzadik label. i played their version of the la’s ‘there she goes’ today – now that’s what i call a cover version, pretyy much nothing like original. if the boredoms had a younger punk sibling, then limited express (has gone) could probably play them in the bio-pic. stuterring, off-kilter, psychadelic pop-punk. everything you could wish for in a band, really.

mark my words 
a great example of someone who found this blog, emailed me some of their music and it finally found its way on air on today’s show 🙂 how curiously the world works… although apparently not quite so strange – although the band are ostensibly a swedish six-piece, apparently the singer (monika kovacs) was brought up in western australia. which, from where i’m sitting, might as well be as a far away as sweden…

nichiyobi mp3
thanks to smart music for turning me on to this one. former selv is another name for detroit-born jerry abstract, now resident in seattle. apparently, he’s a techno boy at heart (wit a 12″ on t.raumschmiere‘s shitkatapult), but as former selv it’s broken beat electronica that’s to the fore. check out their brief interview for more info.