The Vainglories – ‘The Visitor’ (Wood And Wire)

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Written for Amanda Lever’s Masters in Choreography final performance, The Visitorexplores the experience of being a sole identity in a world of unknown.

An entity awakes in an otherworldly place. Through interaction with its surroundings, as well as curious introspection, it discovers the strange balance that exists between the singular and the universal.

The Visitor hums with an ominous intensity, and taps the listener on the shoulder with inexplicable pops, bellsound and unidentified sonic shadows. A seemingly steady rhythmic foundation is unsettled by a swarm of cold voices, and sunlit strings build into a molten golden stormfront, which slowly dissipates like ink into water.

The Visitor is left alone with this new space, one that it is now an unending part of.

“seven tracks of surprisingly tender music underpinned by a scaffolding of grinding, surging glitch … an extraordinary achievement”
Blind Dragonfly


The Vainglories is the solo project of Gillian Lever, and is responsible for producing the soundtrack to her introspective moods. Melancholic melody intertwines with textured strangeness to create lullabies for the nightmare-prone. The Vainglories has played live in UK and Australian venues, and has written music for film and live theatre, including writing and performing the live score for Watson’s Jhonsey award winning show Once Were Planets in the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In 2013 The Vainglories also wrote the music for Amanda Lever’s Masters in Choreography VCA final performance, Dasein.

Based in Melbourne, The Vainglories constantly struggles with the grammatical difficulties arising from being a solo artist with a name more suited to a band.

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1. Part 1 (8:54)
2. Part 2 (13:22)
3. Part 3 (11:17)


Mixed and mastered by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios. Photograph of Amanda Lever by Jeff Busby, featuring artwork by Soma Garner.

Catalogue. WW25