Telepathique (Brazil) – ‘Eu Gusto’

Back in 2003, before funk carioca made a large noise outside of Brazil, record store exposure to new brazilian music tended to be limited towards remixes of old school bossa or frenetic drum’n’bass workouts on a DJ Marky tip. One name that sticks out from that period is Sao Paulo’s DJ Periferico, aka √Črico Theobaldo – mainly due to his remix of ‘Dadinho’ from the ‘City Of God’ Soundtrack which cropped up repeatedly on Fat Planet playlists (aside from that appearance, Periferico also lent his production skills to Brazilian artists such as Otto and BiD).

Fast forward five years and Theobaldo is entwined with vocalist Mylene Pires for a project titled ‘Telepathique‘ – neither fish nor flesh, neither electro nor rave nor funk nor punk, but a cluster-fuck of all. Their 2006 debut ‘Last Time On Earth’ earned much respect in Portugal and Spain which led to a tour through the region, playing many festival gigs and sharing stages with Diplo, Hot Chip and Massive Attack. The new EP ‘Love & Lust’ (The Control Group) finally allows the rest of the world to play catch up and precedes a reissue of ‘Last Time On Earth’ later this year.

Outside of her work on ‘Telepathique’, Mylene also has a distinguished solo career which delves deep into Brazilian and African music traditions – garnering accolades and awards for her self-titled debut, which she recently followed with ‘Nao Muito Distante’, an album of ‘reinterpretations’ of Portuguese band Madredeus. Info & sounds: