Taken By Trees (Sweden) – ‘Lost & Found’

after eleven years as the unforgettable voice of the concretes and a globe-spanning guest appearance on peter bjorn and john‘s ‘young folks’, victoria bergsman steps out on her own for her new project, taken by trees. in an attempt to preserve the spontaneity of her decision to record the album, she locked down the recordings in only six days, roping in andreas soderstrom (who records under the glorious name of ASS), plus electralane‘s verity susman and pbj collaborator, bjorn yttling.

i make no secret of my love for the concretes – bergman’s voice found a perfect home against the icepick-sharp drama of their scandanavian wall of sound. take a listen to ‘you can’t hurry love’ from 2004’s self-titled release if you need a point of entry. for ‘open field’, bergsman has dispensed with the concretes’ theatrics and opted for a smaller, pared-back sound; the album title is a precise indication of the best place to listen to this – on your back, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but the sky for company. for all the calm that such an idyll might induce, there’s still no denying the chilling, ethereal qualities of bergsman’s voice, which provides a eerie counterpoint to this newfound sense of space and solitude.

more: takenbytrees.com