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Discontent | Burnt By The Sun (Mixtape)

For a brief moment at the back half of last year, it felt as if dubstep was everywhere – that more common forms of what we might simply term ‘electronic music’ had been effectively backed into a corner by a

Various Production & Gerry Mitchell | Clerks

For their next full-length, Various Production indulge in the type of Scottish miserablism not seen since the early days of Arab Strap. As evidenced on this upfront promo, Scottish poet Gerry Mitchell‘s intense, suffocating readings could be well served by

Various Production | Warchild

With characteristic nonchalance, Various Production distributed another free track through their mailing list last week. As has been the story from the outset, no information, no context, no details are forthcoming. Whilst much of this info-lockdown technique is compelling (we