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Repercussions #10: “Portishead – Dummy”

Repercussions Portishead

20 years ago this month, Portishead released one of the defining records of the 1990s, their debut album ‘Dummy’. Blending hip hop, turntablism and samplology with downbeat jazz drums, electric guitar, dub bass and the unique vocals of Beth Gibbons, the result is an album that, despite its ‘trip hop’ tag, has stood the test of time with remarkable rigour. In this week’s Repercussions, Stuart Buchanan revisits ‘Dummy’ via a selection of album tracks, b-sides, live versions and original sample sources; and we hear Portishead on remix duties for Massive Attack and UNKLE.

Repercussions #7 “Pioneers: Can”

Can were without doubt one of the most original and influential bands of the 1960s and 1970s, bridging electronic music, jazz, rock and classical with a wild, experimental approach to emerging electronic production techniques. The resulting sound – dubbed ‘krautrock’ by the British music press at the time – is a body of work that reverberates through the music of Portishead, LCD Soundsystem, Factory Floor, Kanye West and many more. In this episode of Repercussions, Stuart Buchanan takes a dive into their extensive back catalogue, via edits from a rare 2004 FBi interview with Irmin Schmidt, and brings the story up to date with remixes from Carl Craig and UNKLE, plus new work from two Can founders in their Cyclopean guise.