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Repercussions #3 “Prop – The Proto Presets”

Originally broadcast on FBi Click on 14th July 2014, Repercussions #3 takes as its starting point one of the most successful electronic music acts in Australia, The Presets. Every great band has to start somewhere, and across the 60-min show, I look back to the band where Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes first set off on their music career, a band called Prop.

Repercussions #2 “Selector: Gareth Psaltis”

In Episode #2 of Repercusssions, Stuart Buchanan is joined by Sydney electronic music producer and DJ Gareth Psaltis (Hunter Gatherer) to discuss the artists and tracks that influenced his work, including music from Autechre, Kanding Ray, Surgeon, Voices From The Lake and more.

Repercussions #1 “In The Beginning”

Repercussions investigates the infinite connections in electronic music, past present and future, every week on FBi Click. Each 60-minute show follows an artist, genre, producer, subject, location or label and explores the influential tracks that exist in their orbit – before, during and after.  Neither retro nor futurist, Repercussions celebrates the timelessness of electronic music, in all its forms.

In Episode #1, I present a selection of moments in electronic music that have resonated throughout time in one way or another, and the repercussions of these tracks are still being felt today.