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Repercussions #21 “Rewind: 1989”

In this episode of Repercussions, we rewind back a quarter of a century to 1989, to a time that is known as ‘the second summer of love’.  The first summer of love was back in 1967, when thousands of people migrated to San Francisco for a wild psychedelic ride fuelled by sex, drugs, politics and rock and roll.  The second summer swapped the rock and roll for rave; and the rise of house and techno reached a tipping point, summoning hedonistic love and public condemnation in equal measures.  

The KLF / K Foundation Radio Interview – Why They Burnt One Million Pounds

Back in the mid 90s, I edited a zine in Glasgow called Thee Data Base.  In 1996, my co-editor Alan and I managed to procure what was, at the time, a tabloid-bating exclusive: we published an exclusive interview with former-KLF creators, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty – only a short while after they had flown by themselves to the Scottish island of Jura and, in an abandoned cottage, systematically burnt one million pounds, note by note. The interview was carried out by John Dower, transcribed from a live radio interview he conducted on Glasgow’s Sub City Radio.