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Speakeasy Zine Interview

Sydney writer and broadcaster Lee Tran Lam recently interviewed me for the tenth issue of her beautiful Speak-easy zine. Without wishing to descend into a mutual ‘love-in’, Lee Tran commitment and dedication to the local music and culture scene is

Vorad Fils | Android Creche

Vorad Fils is the solo guise of Sydney producer John Hassell, who also fills his days working with local electronic three-piece Seekae and their high-school precursor Songs For Surgery. Clearly professing his love of Boards Of Canada on his Myspace

Telafonica | Laughing At Trees

As a collective of seven permanent members and an ecosystem of many more, the audio and visual output of Sydney’s Telafonica is hard to keep track of. That said, the seemingly endless sprawl of creativity is ensuring that roots are

Jonny Faith | Beat Research

Jonny Faith and I share the same pilgrim heritage – decamping from the horizontal rain, biting winds and dumb midgies of Scotland to Australia, to the city of Sydney (one of the most misunderstood cities in the world). Thus ensconced

Ghoul | A Mouthfull Of Gold EP

One thing that I’ve been guilty of lately is the lack of insight into the musical scene in my own backyard. With taste buds fixed firmly on multiple flavours from all corners of the globe, it’s easy to be blinkered