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Fever Ray (Sweden) – ‘If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)’

The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson in her solo Fever Ray guise releases her new album digitally today from Klicktrack and iTunes (physical formats follow, oddly, in over two months on March 21st). [See previous post for info on this project].

Fever Ray | If I Had A Heart

The Knife‘s ‘Silent Shout’ remains as good as it sounded right from day one – dark, fucked up, dramatic gothtronica, that is in turns both desperately sad and perversely beautiful. ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’ remains one of the most

First Aid Kit | Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

A few months back, the YouTube clip for Swedish duo First Aid Kit and their cover of Fleet Foxes‘ ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ skipped round the world-wide-eyed web like the world-wide wildfire. Such is the love for Fleet Foxes, such

Lykke Li (Sweden) – ‘Little Bit’

Video: Lykke Li ‘Little Bit‘  I’m certainly not the first to write about Lykke Li and I’m sure I won’t be the last. And while there’s a tendency for blogs to swarm around hyped artists in an effort to stay

Friday Bridge (Sweden) – ‘The Story Of Agnes’

mp3: FRIDAY BRIDGE the story of agnes i’m sure something has been lost in the inevitable translation, after all who would have thought that ‘friday’ and ‘bridge’ would sit together as comfortable little soulmates? miss friday bridge certainly likes to

Alexis Weak (Sweden) – ‘Stang Av Techno’

mp3: ALEXIS WEAK stang av techno i know what went through your head this morning: “what i really need is some swedish guy, hard rapping over the thomas banglater remix of dj mehdi’s ‘signatune’”. here at fat planet, we aim

Taken By Trees (Sweden) – ‘Lost & Found’

after eleven years as the unforgettable voice of the concretes and a globe-spanning guest appearance on peter bjorn and john‘s ‘young folks’, victoria bergsman steps out on her own for her new project, taken by trees. in an attempt to

Kim Hiorthoy, Jens Lekman, Annie

first up, thanks to a couple of people who helped make this week’s show a cut above the norm – namely fbi’s emily farrell for her interview with sigmatropic (see last post for more info and mp3). catch’s emily’s show roundabout every monday at 10pm. and

Visionary Underground, Air, Limited Express (Has Gone), Girl With A Monkey, Former Selv

VISIONARY UNDERGROUND [ENGLAND] 100 vibes (feat. aref durvesh & matthew barley) mp3 i played a track from dj feelfree today, one of the main forces behind the uk asian drum’n’breaks crew visionary underground. i use the term drum’n’breaks intentionally, as it’s also the title of the