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Repercussions #5 “Shangaan Electro”

In this week’s Repercussions, we head out on a journey through the frenetic electronic sound of Shangaan Electro. Originating from South Africa, and largely driven by the producer and promoter Nozinja, the sound gained more wide stream popularity after a string of releases through Damon Albarn’s Honest Jon’s Records. On the show, we’ll be hearing some essential Shangaan Electro cuts, as well as classic tracks from the likes of Penny Penny, and remixes from Actress, DJ Rashad and more. There’s also a preview of the new single from Nozinja, released through Warp Records next month.

Spoek Mathambo | H.I.V.I.P. Dezemba Liazonz Mix

There’s a grand debate that rages around the blogverse: that it takes Euro-focussed filthy electro hip hop or a verse from M.I.A. or, in the case of Vampire Weekend or El Guincho, afro-beat & other ‘tropical’ sounds refracted through the