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NWA Podcast #23. Ian Rogers (No Anchor / Ambrose Chapel), Interview

From 2009-2012, the New Weird Australia Podcast featured selected interviews and in-studio recordings from my FBi radio show, as well as live performances from events, video interviews and more.

In Episode 23 of the NWA Podcast series, I talk to Ian Rogers, who performs and records as part of two Brisbane projects, No Anchor and Ambrose Chapel.

New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal

“This isn’t your Slayer or Metallica or Pantera, to be certain. It’s heavy sonic seance shit. Big walls of fuzzed out guitars or sludgy numbers swimming in the murky murk or knob twiddling feedback frenzies or straight up droooooooone or sort of industrialized punk frock and ghoul. It’s all here, it’s all hear.” Grindtheives