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New Editions, the label imprint for New Weird Australia, winds up its first series of releases with two new albums on January 4th 2012 – from Thomas William vs Scissor Lock and Strange Forces.

Since launching in 2010, the series has released albums and EPs from Caught Ship, Blake Freele, Paneye, TANTRUMS, No Zu, Kris Keogh, Forenzics and Spartak.  Each release has been available in both physical and digital formats.  The final two releases in the current series see Sydney artists Thomas William and Scissor Lock coming together for their debut collaborative release, ‘Jewelz‘, as well as the first Australian physical release for Brisbane psych-rock ex-pats Strange Forces, who have been tearing up a storm in Berlin over the last two years. Listen to preview tracks from each release in the players below.

Both releases will be available on Bandcamp from January 4th 2012, with pre-release physical copies available in CD Digipak editions at the Unpopular Music 2011 event on Saturday 17th December.


Blake Freele ‘Pins’ (New Editions)

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Sleeve Notes:

For the second release in the New Editions series, New Weird Australia presents the debut release from Sydney-based musician Blake Freele, titled ‘Pins’. Mapping and reconsidering terrain traversed by contemporaries such as Ben Frost and Pimmon, Blake’s work ranges from vast and spacious drones to rhythmically driven electronic compositions, married with often intensely processed guitar improvisations. However, unlike much abstract experimentalism, Freele’s work has a clear and unmissable narrative – a dark sequence of drones, frequencies and cinematic sweeps, laced with anxiety, restlessness and paranoia. Over 40 minutes, ‘Pins’ tells a daunting true story, born of dysfunction – a semi-conscious journey into the dark world of sleep paralysis.


1. Bitter Springs Formation 13:40
2. Bitter Some 08:41
3. Delirious Adjudicated 14:50
4. Palookaville 12:57

The New Editions label is managed by New Weird Australia.
Sleeve design by Heath Killen.
Photography by George Roukis.

Copyright Blake Freele, September 2010.

Bitter Springs Formation uses the following sample –
“Close My Eyes” by ‘duckett’ via
Licensed under Creative Commons; Attribution (3.0)

Blake Freele Thanks- To Kevin, Michelle and Alun for their teaching and support. To Dingo and past house mates for their patience and listening. To sleep paralysis for inspiration. To Stu and Danny at New Weird Australia for their support and experience.

Catalogue. NWAED02


“Straight outta Sydney, Blake Freele mixes guitar improvisations with extended electronic techniques to produce a soundscape that hovers in the indeterminate space somewhere between waking and dreaming… Blake sounds a little bit Hecker-esque, a garnish of Fennesz, a sprinkle of Pimmon and a touch of Frost (Ben, not Inspector) – not bad reference points, by any stretch of the imagination. But Pins really hits a resonant tone with this listener when Blake concentrates on being his own musician and developing his own curious syntax.”
Cyclic Defrost, February 2011

“Large, distorted sounds created out of bright harmonies and timbres clash against one another on this very interesting album … a worthwhile release and an enjoyable series of pathways into fields of sounds and ideas.”
Foxy Digitalis, March 2011

New Editions Catalogue.

Caught Ship ‘Start Dencing Dad Start Dencing’ (New Editions)

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Sleeve Notes:

In this, the first release for the New Editions label (a new imprint from New Weird Australia, focusing on single artist releases), we present Melbourne’s CAUGHT SHIP and their 8-track EP ‘Start Dencing Dad, Start Dencing’. Following a split CDR (with WHYTE LIGHTNING) on Brisbane’s Bedroom Suck label and the Totem Tape release ‘What Does Water Need’, CAUGHT SHIP capture the wild, improvised spirit of their live appearances, editing recordings taken from four shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, and from their 2010 New Weird Australia show in Sydney. Re-sequenced, re-edited and re-contextualised, ‘Start Dencing Dad, Start Dencing’ is a visceral ride through the lo-fidelity underworld of Caught Ship’s proto-electronic and authentic punk aesthetic.


1. A Bit More Tame, A Bit Less Rape 04:09
2. Than It Used To Be 06:10
3. Before Now I Was Convinced 06:11
4. That 06:26
5. It Was You 05:34
6. So Slimy, So Greasy 03:02
7. That I’d Forgotten Who It Felt Like 03:40
8. Yes Though, Now It’s Alright 05:20

Tracks 1 & 6 Recorded in Brisbane, underneath Erin’s House by Glen Schenau, 31st December 2008
Tracks 2 & 5 Recorded in Melbourne, live at ‘Scray Studio, 2010
Tracks 3 & 8 Recorded in Sydney at St Petersburg Warehouse by New Weird Australia, 27th March 2010
Tracks 4 & 7 Recorded in Brisbane at Lofly Hangar by Brendan Eales for TurnItUpTo10! Blog, 13th March 2010

Caught Ship, Thanks. To everyone we’ve become friends with in the cities we’ve played. Thanks for couches and food and for picking us up or dropping us off at airports and venues. For being nice to us and letting us hang around. For this release, especially thanks to Stu and Danny at New Weird for being incredibly supportive, one day we’ll establish our own monarchy and those two guys will be joint kings of the empire.

Sleeve design by Heath Killen,
Additional artwork by Caught Ship.

Catalogue. NWAED01

New Editions Catalogue.