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Motion ‘Syllepsis’ (Wood And Wire)

motion are a band that seek to explore the possibilities of experimental improvised music. Formed in Melbourne in 2008, the group is now spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Their music draws on experimentalism, avant-garde jazz, left-field electronic music and more.

New Year, New Music, New Heads

We’re entering 2014 with a pack of new releases – an audacious debut from Perth’s Mudlark, a four-track EP from the newly revitalised Pollen Trio, seven moments of magic from the international collab duo Piotr-Heslin, plus the second Wood And Wire release from Melbourne’s The Vainglories.

New Weird Australia Podcast #30, Perth Special

From 2009-2012, the New Weird Australia Podcast featured selected interviews and in-studio recordings from my FBi radio show, as well as live performances from events, video interviews and more. After finishing up a three year run on Sydney’s FBi Radio, this was the first of two podcast-only episodes of the New Weird Australia’s show, presented by Stu Buchanan.  Episode #30 is a PERTH SPECIAL, celebrating the New Weird Australia compilation ‘Western Schism‘, featuring music from Endless Paths, Kucka, James Ireland & Andrew Sinclair, FM Raster, Cat Hope, These Ship Wrecks and an interview with Kynan Tan.

New Weird Australia, Volume Six

Curating and sequencing the New Weird Australia compilation series is a difficult business – underpinning each track-listing is a desire to present both a sense of cohesion and one of contrast. They might at first seem at polar opposites, but in fact it is the latter that provides the aural glue for the former – as we believe this latest volume clearly proves.