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Sonic Masala reviews first ten Wood & Wire releases

We’re quite humbled by the commitment of Sonic Masala who’ve taken it upon themselves to review the first TEN releases on Wood & Wire – from Emily Grantham, Machine Death, BOK Darklord, Shisd, Regional Curse (Stacey Wilson / Rites Wild), Setec, Kučka, automating and Fm. An amazing effort, and a great way to catch up on what you might have missed.

New Weird Australia Podcast #30, Perth Special

From 2009-2012, the New Weird Australia Podcast featured selected interviews and in-studio recordings from my FBi radio show, as well as live performances from events, video interviews and more. After finishing up a three year run on Sydney’s FBi Radio, this was the first of two podcast-only episodes of the New Weird Australia’s show, presented by Stu Buchanan.  Episode #30 is a PERTH SPECIAL, celebrating the New Weird Australia compilation ‘Western Schism‘, featuring music from Endless Paths, Kucka, James Ireland & Andrew Sinclair, FM Raster, Cat Hope, These Ship Wrecks and an interview with Kynan Tan.

Kučka releases video for Rewind

Deeply odd, unsettling and beautiful new video from Kučka of the track ‘Rewind’, taken from her Wood & Wire release ‘Kučka EP’. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness & light – tags for the clip include the words cemetary, cherries, anime, steak and genitals.

New Weird Australia, Vox

The voice is re-appearing in the experimental context, and emerging more experimentally in popular music. This New Weird Australia compilation brings together a selection of artist working across this spectrum of play.