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BACK CATALOGUE. Pecker ‘Pecker Power’

I love the cover artwork on this reissued 1980 Japanese cosmic dub from producer and percussionist Pecker (aka Masahito Hashida) titled ‘Pecker Power’. The album features dub heavyweights Sly & Robbie and Augustus Pablo along with members of The Wailers and vocalist Minako Yoshida. Given the players, it’s a curious take on classic dub from the era, with two Japanese Bob Marley covers thrown into the mix.

NEW MUSIC. Japan is the second biggest music market in the world, it’s time we took notice

Earlier this month, it was reported that there were no Australian artists in the local top 20 singles chart.  In the same week, 70 percent of the US Billboard Chart was populated by American artists.

Now, compare that to Japan, the second biggest music market in the world, where 98 percent of all singles, and 76 percent of all albums, are sold are by Japanese artists. In an environment where physical sales are dwindling, Japan still has more record stores than any other country in the world, three times as many as the US.

Boys From Brazil, FRX & Ove Naxx, Nettle, White Hole

BOYS FROM BRAZIL [GERMANY] collision mp3 dark electro pop from germany with a devilish guitar hook and a tasty little break thrown in for good measure. we’ve moved through the post punk rebirth now (surely?) and i’ve started to hear more and

Mutamassik, Transjoik, Miho Hatori

MUTAMASSIK [EGYPT] / TRANSJOIK [NORWAY] mawlid el nur / anna f (mutamassik mix) site coming late to the table is always disappointing, especially with an artist of such a high calibre as mutamassik. i found a split cd at the weekend – two

Dokaka, Bebel Gilberto, Dishtone, Ghetto Booties, No Name No Fame, Lady Sovereign, Wayne & Wax, Dntel

some tunes from today’s fat planet. next week’s show celebrates ONE YEAR ON AIR [!], in tandem with FBi 94.5FM’s FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH. DOKAKA [JAPAN] rolling head three mp3 right now i’m listening to the new bjork album and it’s confounded my expectations. i’ll come clean right away

Buffalo Daughter, Asian Dub Foundation, Mosquitos, Jimi Tenor, Dead Combo, Zap Mama, The Mae Shi

BUFFALO DAUGHTER [JAPAN] five minutes mp3 a great joy today to be able to playback an interview i did last week with sugar yoshinaga from japanese trio, buffalo daughter. the band have just released a fine new album entitled ‘psychic’ – disposing of

Bi(f)tek, Bjork, Cornershop, Bebel Gilberto, The Go! Team, Polysics

BI(F)TEK [AUSTRALIA] unisex mp3 played a track today from the experts, a collaboration between australian artists byron scullin and nicole skeltys from female duo bi(f)tek. the album ‘electro city breaks’ seems to be a tie-in with the ‘lonely planet’ tv series, but there’s very