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The Diaphanoids (Italy) – ‘What The F**k Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?’

The Diaphanoids are Italians Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari and their latest EP – ‘Mermaids Of Lunaris’ is released through Bear Entertainment (Lindstrom, Idjut Boys, Chicken Lips). Everything else there is to know about the Diaphanoids is seemingly culled from

Gonzales, Adam, Bang Gang, Kiiiiiii!, Mui

we’re going for a more pared back, less electronic post today. if you download one tune from this post, don’t look past the japanese. it’s a joy to behold. GONZALES feat FEIST [CANADA] lovertits mp3 i played a track today (‘mushaboom’) from

MP3 Spring Cleaning – Part Two

and in the continuing spirit of ‘spring cleaning’ (see last post for the full rites of spring clearout…), here some other bits & pieces from emails received that i would have liked to editorialise, but didn’t find the time. IT’S

Iuno, On Ensemble, Love Of Everything, R.E.M., Gianni Nannini

this could well be the most eclectic post of all time… IUNO [NETHERLANDS] fracture mp3 thanks to the folks from iuno (pictured) for getting in touch. check out their web site at iuno.nl for a fine selection of tunes to download. there’s a great degree of

Mouse On Mars, Stereonova, The Reverend Managerie

MOUSE ON MARS [GERMANY] mine is in yours mp3 if you’re following the free mp3 releases from better propaganda, then you’ll undoubtedly have this – a track from the new mouse on mars album ‘radical connector’. i haven’t followed the band that closely, but i’m