The Diaphanoids (Italy) – ‘What The F**k Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?’

The Diaphanoids are Italians Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari and their latest EP – ‘Mermaids Of Lunaris’ is released through Bear Entertainment (Lindstrom, Idjut Boys, Chicken Lips). Everything else there is to know about the Diaphanoids is seemingly culled from the pages of a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

“Here on planet diaphanoid time travelling is a fun way to spend the weekend … but these two took it too far! They always wanted more and to see if the grass was greener on other planets! They left us in 5079 and have never been seen since, legend has it they travelled to your earth and visited 1977-1980, Berlin-Munich-London-Paris-New York”.

They have the date and location spot on – the Diaphanoids’ witches brew involves one part 70s disco, another part 00’s Cosmic variety. There’s an eye of a Krautrock newt and a toe of Prog, and probably a nipple or two from John Carpenter. Whilst it might seem like this particular style is being reinvented time and time again, there’s still space for these boys and their infectious, astral-electro. Especially with EP titles such as “What The F**k Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?” and “Escape From Martius 42”.

Turn on, tune in, space out.

Buy at EMusic / Juno.

Gonzales, Adam, Bang Gang, Kiiiiiii!, Mui

we’re going for a more pared back, less electronic post today. if you download one tune from this post, don’t look past the japanese. it’s a joy to behold.

lovertits mp3
i played a track today (‘mushaboom’) from leslie feist‘s album, ‘let it die’ – the album was co-produced by gonzales, which seems a little uncharacteristic. we’re talking alt.folk from the man who spent a great deal of the last few years hanging around with peaches… and strangely this mp3 (taken from gonzales’ ‘z’ album) is also one that was featured on peaches’ debut album, here rendered in a very different version by feist. [site]

everything you need mp3
some acoustica for you (which makes a diverting change from the predominantly electro-focus of the blog…) – courtesy of the bass player from the group fridge. if you haven’t heard of fridge, then you’ll have certainly have heard of four tet aka keiren hebden, also a founding member of fridge. however, adem departs from the experimentation of fridge to go for a straight forward folk approach, with some beautiful results. the above mp3 is taken from adem‘s recent debut album ‘homesongs’. the track from today’s show ‘let me give you a reason’ is taken from the promo of the single ‘ringing in my ear’, which according to the domino web site is not included in the commercial release.

inside (acoustic demo version) 
a return visit to fat planet for these guys, originally featured back in june. played a more rockin’ track today than this acoustic track, and strangely from a promo album of ‘pop and rock made in france’ – so i can only assume they’re de-camped from the freezing cold to the land of fine wine and great pastries. smart move. [site]

KIIIIII! [JAPAN] (pictured)
brown girl in the ring mp3
got to make sure i’ve got the right amount of exclamation marks on there… and how do we pronounce the name of the band? no idea. all i can tell you is that appear to be two very mad girls from japan making that insane blend of experimental psychedlic pop-rock that japan does so well. this is a cover of a song that i also remember be covered by the glitter-tastic boney m back in the 70s and it clocks in at just under two minutes – and half of that is a drum solo. these girls are touched by genius.

t-10 mp3
finally today, i’ve got to give a huge vote of support to the outstanding ‘starving but happy’ site, chiefly for the amazing compilation from keplar records that’s free to download from their site. the album consists of top quality downtempo electronica and post-rock from germany, italy, hungary (of all places!) and more. i strongly recommend you take time out to own this free compilation, even if you’re not on broadband 🙂 for more info on all the artists on the compilaiton, check out the keplar site. the above track from the italians mui is a beautiful fresh cut of both post-rock and electronica – all in one bite. and by god it tastes good…

MP3 Spring Cleaning – Part Two

and in the continuing spirit of ‘spring cleaning’ (see last post for the full rites of spring clearout…), here some other bits & pieces from emails received that i would have liked to editorialise, but didn’t find the time.

IT’S A TRAP VOL.1 top quality scandanavian indie compilation
STRANGELY FAMILIAR music production collective
PSYCHEDELIC AVENGERS german psych-pop artist site
THE HARVEY GIRLS new music from a band featured in a previous post
THE NAUGAHYDE LIFE eclectic mp3 blog from the team behind ‘the beathunters’
GIBBY HAYNES new mp3 from former butthole surfer
GAMEBOY ORCHESTRAS links to many mp3s
THE RONDO BROTHERS on better propaganda

a great comment from Henk van Setten on my recent gianni nannini post, which highlights the hazards of promoting unfamiliar music:

Hi Stuart, on your blogpage you talk about a remixed Gianni Nannini song. Seems you take her for a man but actually it’s Giann*A* Nannini, she’s a grrrl and after her early Germany hitlist stuff so funnily remixed here she also made some less mainstream things in the mid-90s, not all of her eight CDs are that well known, and when she starts growling and grumbling it’s easy to take her voice for a man’s so you’re not to blame, still you might want to correct your text about “the guy”. If you’d ask me to compare her early popular songs from the late 80s with someone else’s hits I wouldn’t say Bruce Springsteen or Freddy Mercury, but more something like a very kitschy (and so sometimes delightful) Italian kind of Blondie pop.” 

check her out at

Iuno, On Ensemble, Love Of Everything, R.E.M., Gianni Nannini

this could well be the most eclectic post of all time…

fracture mp3
thanks to the folks from iuno (pictured) for getting in touch. check out their web site at for a fine selection of tunes to download. there’s a great degree of variation even in the few tracks that are there – i’m finding touches of molokokosheen, even portishead in there, and the above track is a storming fusion of dark drum’n’bass breaks, nasty keyboard riffs and great vocals courtesy of stella bergsma. the band are a collective – seemingly shepherded by steven de munnik – and, judging by some of the photography, also featuring a string section. a good discovery, well worth checking out further.

fingertips mp3
if you’re one of those people who’s had a ‘taiko drumming’ experience, or similar, you’ll know it’s a joy to behold. it has all the strength, energy and hardcore intensity of your average megadeth gig, but we’re talking traditional oriental drumming here, so no mullets are involved. dumb banter aside, on ensemble fall into a more traditional category than usually featured on this blog, which is exactly why you need to download and have a listen. this los-angeles quartet allow for guilt-free exploration of non-contemporary sound, and on the above mp3 they genuinely bend genres like einstein bent time. more info from their web site here.

proud brave nothing mp3
i’m feeling that it’s good to buck my electronic obsession now and then, and when i do so, i tend to revert to disjointed, fractured, fucked up lo-fi – so thank god for love of everything. if you enjoyed casiotone for the painfully alone, i think you’ll find this track will bring you a few more blessings. cheers to the good people from redder records for giving me the heads up. they tell me that love of everything is bobby burg of joan of arc and make believe fame – and they’ve also got heaps more mp3s from whence this little diamond came.

R.E.M. [ATHENS, GEORGIA surely?]
i’ve been high (matthew herbert mix) mp3
so what the freak are r.e.m. doing on here? have i gone absolutely out of my tiny mind? well, it’s kinda obvious – you don’t often hear r.e.m. being remixed by anyone, much less matthew ‘herbert’ herbert. i enjoyed herbert’s radioboy incarnation a long while back – live sampling of detritus, looped back into his performance, stuff like macdonalds cartons and coke cups. the big band project stretched the temprament a little, but their remix of oi va voi‘s ‘refugee’ was on form. basically, i’m trying to say i like the guy, but it seems like i’m heaping on a few caveats at the same time. christ, i’m getting picky.

contaminata (apparat rmx) mp3
couldn’t leave you without a little hint of electronica, could i? now this would seem to be the italo-german equivalent of bruce springsteen getting the remix treatment from boom bip… gianni nannini, not well known for his leftfield experiemention, here gets the commercial crap kicked out of him by shitkatapult‘s apparat (shitkatapult, other then being the best named record label in the world, is run by the supremely talented and ass-kickingly awesome electro-rock-bass-whatever maestro, t.raumschmeire). it’s actually considerably less breakcore than you might think – gianni still goes off on a freddie mercury tip towards the end, and you get the feeling that apparat just couldn’t destroy the guy completely. in saying that, it’s unlike anything else you’ll hear this month. for more of the same, check out a wonderfully insane live set to download from barcelona 2003 on apparat’s site.

<<< new blogs >>> hello new fellow mp3 bloggers – been a while since i updated the blog list, so there’s a heap of killer sites i recommend you check out. go say a gutteral ‘guten tag’ to cowboytranceorchestra (recent posts include fautlineremzwan), the ugly elephant (ali khanutadableep), the new black (check out the excellent susan cadogan, also posts from the pixiesand new birth. also a mention of our friend, wanda dee…). props too to edit209 for a hilarious collection of bootlegs – cecile‘s electro-dancehall stormer ‘hot like we’ was one of my recent raves, so to hear that coupled with belle & sebastian is an experience not to be shirked. very belated ‘hellos’ and madder props to an idiot’s guide to dreamingsmart musicthe swish heraclitus sayzmoebius rex and the mighty mp3 blogs aggregator. top marks though to ‘best new blog on the block’ goes to dozerblog – check this list, nobukazu takemurab. fleischmannsubtleclouddead and mrs doctor who theme tune arrangement, delia derbyshire – solid!

[[[ other shit ]]] fat planet’s also now syndicating some of this on-going ramble to the good folks over at – flip over and say hi, and tell ’em we sent ya! also, check out brad weslake‘s smart radio schedule for “interesting broadcast sound available either online, or via radio waves in sydney, australia”. and lo and behold if those damn fine folks at better propagandahave only gone and posted not one, but two, tracks from fat planet’s current ‘artiste am pedestal’ dj rupture. check it here.

Mouse On Mars, Stereonova, The Reverend Managerie

mine is in yours 
if you’re following the free mp3 releases from better propaganda, then you’ll undoubtedly have this – a track from the new mouse on mars album ‘radical connector’. i haven’t followed the band that closely, but i’m assured that not only am i coming very late to the party, but that this track is also a departure from their trademark sound. this is mid-tempo vocal electro pop, retaining some of their experimentation and adding significant acoustic guitar into the mix. conversely, another track from the album – ‘wipe that sound’ – is much more dancefloor friendly, which instantly suggests that ‘radical connector’ is going to be a release to pay a great deal of attention to when it drops.

stereonova are two italian DJs who have moved into production, making some tidy progressive house in the vein of sachadigweeddeep dish et al. they have residences on a couple of europeean radio stations too – and i’m conscious that house doesn’t get much of a look-in on this blog, so this might go some way to redressing the balance… maybe? 🙂 [site]

playtime relapsmp3
had an email from the strangely familiar audio-sault crew inviting us to check out their site – so i duly recommend you do. it’s a community of bootleg / mash-up artists, with some well known names on there and a great selection of tracks to download. many of them i haven’t come across elsewhere, so it’s worth deeper investigation. i’ve no idea what original sources the above track was taken from, but its lack of familiarity makes it even more striking. for more info on the artist, click here.

the city slang label (home to radio 4calexicoalbum leaf and more) runs a monthly mp3 club – essentially a way of distributing free mp3s, with added data capture so they know who’s visiting. the selections are hit and miss, however this month they’ve chosen germany’s delightful tonetraeger – a dusseldorf folktronica duo who have roped in musicians from kreidler (to rococo rot offshoot) and tarwater to assist with the new album. sign up to download here.

following on from the recent bastard-pop version of the clash‘s ‘london calling’, various mash-up artists have had a crack at blur‘s ‘parklife’ with wildly varying results. the obligatory vocoder cover versions are there (have to say, getting a little bored of those now…) however there’s enough diversity to make most of us grin. check out the drum’n’bass rework of ‘end of a century’ or the splicing of blur and the beach boys on ‘godlife’. [site]

also a belated hello to kate from red lotus radio, a new addition to the blog community with posts from outside the usual locations, taking in japan, uzbekistan, italy, russia and more. kate was also the first blogger to alert me to the bjork teaser mp3 and for that i’ll be eternally grateful 🙂