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For the final release on Wood And Wire, we present a selection of original recordings from Wood And Wire artists created exclusively for the Australian radio program, Ears Have Ears.

Ears Have Ears: Unexplored Territories In Sound is a weekly radio program airing Thursdays 9-11pm on FBi 94.5FM in Sydney. Each week Ears Have Earsinvites a musician creating experimental, forward-thinking and innovative music to compose an original soundtrack to a film of their own imagining.

Since 2011, Ears Have Ears featured over 150 soundtracks, as well as exclusive mixtapes, live performances and interviews from internationally acclaimed musicians such as Lucrecia Dalt, Scanner, Nurse With Wound, Ben Frost and closer to home, innovative Australian sound makers including Lawrence English, Wonderfuls, Primitive Motion and Sky NeedleEars Have Earsrecently won two awards for excellence in community radio music programming and was featured in local music magazines Cyclic Defrost, A Closer Listen and Noisey, who described Ears Have Ears as “one of the most important radio shows in Sydney and beyond”.

Ears Have Ears also hosts regular live music events in Sydney featuring innovative Australian musicians.

Ears Have Ears is produced by Scarlett Di Maio and hosted/co-produced by Brooke Olsen.

Archive of Ears Have Ears soundtracks
FBi Radio (live streaming, playlists)
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Rites Wild is a solo project of Stacey Wilson (Terrible Truths, Regional Curse) from South Australia. Her debut album ‘Ways of Being’ was released by Not Not Fun Records in 2012, following on from 3 self-released EPs.

Raised by her eccentric grandmother in an old Brunswick home similar to the Grey Gardens Mansion, Raquel Solier emerged from boxes of worn VHS tapes and empty milk cartons to become Fatti Frances, experimental RnB artist. As a drummer for art punk bands Jemima Jemima and Oh! Belgium, indie bands The Ancients and Jessica Says, and even country outfit Nathan Hollywood, Solier has strong roots in the Melbourne music scene. After relocating to Berlin with Jemima Jemima and touring Europe and Asia playing drums for Jens Lekman, sharing stages with such luminaries as Joanna NewsomA.I.R and Sally Seltmann, Raquel took time off in Brooklyn. There she found the inspiration to take the plunge on an idea she’d long toyed with, combining her love of chart topping RnB artists such as Missy Elliott and Aaliyah with the dark, melodic songwriting of Scott Walker and Karen Carpenter. The result of the experience and the foundation of every live performance is a brutal concoction of synthesizer waves, wonky doom-like bass and most prominent of all; the assaulting RnB beats. Just when it couldn’t appear to get any more intense, sexy, trance-like, loose or sweaty; out comes the smoke machine and lasers to heighten the senses and unhinge the diva within.

Exploring ambient and unconventional sounds, there is something inherently intriguing about Hollow Press. Beginning in early 2012, Adelaide’s Shaun McNamara has been using drone, glitches, field recordings, voices, industrial sounds, and other such things to create his work. ‘Fleeting Joy’ and ‘Between Us’ were the first Hollow Press albums, both released digitally and on CD by US label Drug Arts. 2013’s ‘Heads In Dust’ on Wood & Wire was followed up by Night Falls (on Phantasma Disques) and Your Nature (self-released) . Hollow Press continues his tradition of making interesting and original albums.

Cycle~ 440 is the semi-improvisational electro-acoustic duo of Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin that fuses acoustic piano with extensive laptop sampling and processing to create alternating soundscapes of extreme fragility and overwhelming density. Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin met while studying a Bachelor of Music at WAAPA. Cycle~ 440 was formed in 2009 when they sought to fuse Kevin’s love of Japanese game and anime music and Sam’s appreciation for the delicate ambient and extreme noise genre’s. As Cycle~ 440 they maintain a national and international performance profile while releasing a steady stream of recordings – the conclusion to the ‘structures’ trilogy “The Topography of Ascending Frameworks” was released in 2013, the sixth release by Cycle~ 440.


1. RITES WILD The Past Will Become New Again (23:33)
2. FATTI FRANCES 20 Minutes Of Supertramp (18:16)
3. HOLLOW PRESS Telepathic Perception (19:13)
4. CYCLE~ 440 Lingering Echoes of the Tempest (19:55)


All tracks originally composed for the Ears Have Ears radio program on FBi 94.5FM
Artwork by Heath Killen
Track 1 composed by Stacey Wilson; Track 2 composed by Fatti Frances (sampling Supertramp), mixed and mastered by Morgan McWaters; Track 3 composed by Shaun McNamara; Track 4 composed by Sam Gillies / Kevin Penkin, recorded by Metric Audio

Catalogue. WW37

Wood And Wire Catalogue.

New releases from Drill Folly and Hollow Press

This month on Wood & Wire, we’re delivering new, experimental Australian music from two exceptional solo artists, Melbourne’s Drill Folly and Hollow Press from Adelaide.

No Love Lost (WW15) is the debut release from electronic producer Sarah Phelan, under the name Drill Folly. Sarah has been making music for a number of years as a founding member of Melbourne’s Tantrums, whose debut EP Anomie was released on New Weird Australia in 2010, featuring remixes from Collarbones & Worng. As part of Tantrums, Sarah has played live supporting Unkle, Mount Kimbie, Caribou, Four Tet, PVT, Xiu Xiu, My Disco, Jason Forrest and more.

This debut release is designed to be listened to on your own, in headphones. Sarah notes: “This is about expressing human emotion through machines. This is about therapy … immersion … escape … about words being insufficient … about trying to remember and remembering to forget. This is about not letting things sit on your hard drive until you die.”

Beginning in early 2012, Adelaide’s Hollow Press has been using drone, glitches, field recordings, voices and industrial sounds to create his work. His first two albums, Fleeting Joy and Between Us were released digitally and on CD by US label Drug Arts. A remix album of his work was released in early 2013 with reworks from The Atlas Room, Shisd, Delphine Coma, Amanda Schoepflin and more.

The third Hollow Press album in the span of a year, Heads in Dust (WW16) is a collection of blissful and at times unsettling songs – an abstract soundtrack to someone’s innermost, darkest thoughts, as it drifts seamlessly though sonic atmospheres. Clearly Hollow Press loves the darker shades of experimentalism, exploring ambience, mingling sounds, wave-like-synths, bells, and distorted voices, resulting in a captivating and significant Australian experimental album.

Download both releases for free on our Release page.

Preview: New Hollow Press album on Wood & Wire

March will see the release of a brand new album from Adelaide producer Hollow Press on Wood & Wire.

In an interview with Hollow Press on Crawlspace in September 2012, writer Luke Telford noted: “Much of his music is devoted to a kind of gloriously devolved beatscape that shares certain things with witch house or minimal techno, but dispenses with the sensuousness and forward motion of those tags. The music’s other approach eschews rhythm entirely in favour of dense digital texture and seething ambient spaces. A prevailing sense of resignation and quiet hope bridges the two settings. It’s potent, and occasionally challenging, but richly rewards the time you spend with it.”

Here’s an early preview from the release – a track titled Memory Lapse and a new video featuring footage from L’Etoile de Mer / Poison / Emak Bakia by Man Ray.

New Weird Australia Podcast #31

From 2009-2012, the New Weird Australia Podcast featured selected interviews and in-studio recordings from my FBi radio show, as well as live performances from events, video interviews and more.

Episode #31 is the second of two podcast-only episodes with music from Mei Saraswati, Mental Powers, Kendall Francis, Hollow Press, The Atlas Room, Dora the Extruder, Chris Cobilis and Wooshie, plus an exclusive live collaborative set from Ambrose Chapel vs Anonymeye, recorded at the recent Vagrant show in Brisbane.

Mei Saraswati – Spiritual Landscape [unreleased]
Mental Powers – Hopus [from ‘Pro Bono‘]
Kendall Francis – 021 Objects (4.) [from ‘021 Objects‘]
Hollow Press – Fade Away [from ‘Fleeting Joy‘]
The Atlas Room – Severnya [from ‘UnderCurrents‘]
Dora the Extruder – Sarin Rap [from ‘Dora the Extruder EP‘]
Chris Cobilis – Stormwatch [from ‘Heritage Listed Skate Park‘]
Wooshie – Song For My Father [from ‘Boyfriend Material EP‘]
Ambrose Chapel vs Anonymeye – Live at Vagrant, July 2012 [unreleased]

DOWNLOADNWA Podcast #31. Mei Saraswati, Mental Powers, Kendall Francis, Hollow Press, The Atlas Room, Dora the Extruder, Chris Cobilis, Wooshie, Ambrose Chapel vs Anonymeye

Photo by Tex Crick (from the New Weird Australia Flickr Pool)