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Repercussions #8 ‘Experimental R&B”

This week’s Repercussions takes former FBi Album Of The Week artist FKA Twigs as a jumping off point to explore the expanding world of experimental R&B – an amalgam of commercial R&B, pop and soul, blended with experimental production and off-kilter sounds. We kick back to 2006 with Cassie, before winding forward to recent productions from artists such as Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Kid A, Phlo Finister, Kelis, SZA and Jessy Lanza; and uncover Australian contributions from Fatti Frances, Oscar Key Sung, Guerre and Black Vanilla.

New Weird Australia, We Are After All Here

Throughout 2009 and 2010, we were listening to a heap of bands and artists that were clearly starting to coalesce into some form of vague and abstract grouping. Either through sound, technique, image, a reverence for the past, or just a common, skewed take on a hauntalogical notion, there was a broad church emerging that would count these artists among their flock.