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T++ | Therefore Version 5

Although his releases under the T++ alias have gained a small yet hardcore tribe of clipped electro & dubstep devotees, Torsten Proefrock has long been an influential figure in the ever-evolving rabbit hole of interconnections that is Berlin electronica. Of

AGF | Disturbia

Even back when she was flogging her ‘Pon De Replay’ schtick, I always suspected that Rhianna was hardcore – that at any moment, she would squint her eyes, furrow her brow and come on over and kick the living shit

Wadadda & FS Dan | Moralny Hazard

Portuguese netlabel, Enough Records, by rough count have clocked up 197 releases since their inception; a collection that would take many days (weeks even) to review, although first impressions suggest that such aural punishment might actually be worth it. My

Shantel (Germany) & Dunkelbunt (Austria) – Balkan Hot Step

Back in 2003, N.O.H.A. released a crucial 12″ in the development of contemporary Balkan music – crucial in that it finally gave a name to a growing movement, ‘Balkan Hot Step’. As an ardent fan of absurd sub-genre tags, I

MC Gringo (Germany) – ‘Alemao’

Like any geo-located movement, usurpers from outside of town are often mocked, scoffed or stoned for blasphemy. Music has a long history of turning on such infedels, most notably the ping-pong, to / fro battle between so-called black and white

Jahcoozi (Germany) – Hi-Tech (Rustie’s Silver Shadow Remix)

MP3: JAHCOOZI feat M.SAYYID Hi-Tech (Rustie’s Silver Shadow Remix) Following last month’s feature on Jahcoozi‘s latest release, ‘Blitz ‘n’ Ass’, here’s an exclusive official remix from the German / Sri Lankan / Israeli trio that will “remain unreleased” via any

Jahcoozi (Germany / Sri Lanka / Israel) – ‘Style’

mp3: JAHCOOZI style Although based in Berlin, Jahcoozi’s roots are scattered across the globe – Israel, Sri Lanka, London – and it’s therefore no surprise that their sound resists any casual genre-plugging. They originally surfaced in 2003 with the ‘Fish’

Interview: Modeselektor (Germany)

Originally published on Fat Planet. with a guest list that includes ttc, maximo park, paul st hillaire and mr thom yorke, expectations were going to be sky-high for modeselektor‘s new album ‘happy birthday’. for the last two weeks, it’s been

Fat Planet – Senor Coconut / Uwe Schmidt (Germany)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: SENOR COCONUT AND HIS ORCHESTRA behind the mask senor coconut is a hard man to pin down. mainly due to the fact that senor coconut doesn’t exist in the real world, just in the schizophrenic mind

Can, Airborn Audio, Ming, Boom Bip, Tiefschwarz, Coppe, Autechre

for today’s mp3 smorgasbord, i’m rounding up some of the links that have been sitting brooding, quietly at the back, and have yet to make it onto the blog. before that though, a heads up to irmin schmidt from can (pictured top left) who

Shank, Singapore Sling, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Cobra Killer

mp3s from artists (or their associates…) who featured on this week’s show >> SHANK [GERMANY] oust mp3 my guest today was germany’s burnt friedman (pictured) – an artist whose experiments in genres range from dub, jazz and latin to techno, ambient and more. two

Hexes & Ohs, Styrofoam, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Balun, White Hole, The MFA

here we are again, another week in international music-land. playlist for yesterday’s radio show can be found right here and what follows is a slew of likely contenders who muddled their way on-air during our 120 minute round-the-world excursion >> HEXES AND

Sex In Dallas, Phonique, Apparat, Electric Eel Shock

after a little break in proceedings, the blog is back on the regular mp3 hunt. this week – a trio with a german electronic flavour, rounded off with great rock n roll, japanese style. all of these artists appeared on

Juana Molina, Think Twice, Ulrich Schnauss

JUANA MOLINA [ARGENTINA] tres cosas mp3 yet another tune from folktronica artist, juana molina – this is the title track from her album ‘tres cosas’. i’ve almost completly emptied the cupboard of juana’s free downloads here on this site and played probably more tracks

Bleep, Afrika Bambaataa, Cobra Killer, Muslimgauze, Ugress

BLEEP [CANADA] coils mp3 when I first came across this Toronto-based trio I heard them described as a ‘glitch version’ of the Cocteau twins, which instantly got my attention. the Cocteau twins were a Scottish band who made their name

Neo Mikyako, Juana Molina, OMR, To Rococo Rot, Tabla Beat Science, Daedelus

NEO MIKYAKO [ENGLAND] my nuthin’ babe mp3 a duo from the uk making more of that crunchy electro rock that seems to be filling floors down here in sunny old australia. someone recently called it “datarock” which freaked me out – i’m

Boys From Brazil, FRX & Ove Naxx, Nettle, White Hole

BOYS FROM BRAZIL [GERMANY] collision mp3 dark electro pop from germany with a devilish guitar hook and a tasty little break thrown in for good measure. we’ve moved through the post punk rebirth now (surely?) and i’ve started to hear more and

Mouse On Mars, Stereonova, The Reverend Managerie

MOUSE ON MARS [GERMANY] mine is in yours mp3 if you’re following the free mp3 releases from better propaganda, then you’ll undoubtedly have this – a track from the new mouse on mars album ‘radical connector’. i haven’t followed the band that closely, but i’m