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God’s Own Country (Nigeria) – Movie Trailer

We’ve read many comments on both Radiohead and Trent Reznor’s attempts to subvert the music industry distribution paradigm , and there’s no doubt that their actions (and those of countless others) have got the major labels scratching their heads in

Eglantine Gouzy (France)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: EGLANTINE GOUZY cuckoo DOWNLOAD: EGLANTINE GOUZY boa DOWNLOAD: EGLANTINE GOUZY 12h12 parisian eglantine gouzy occupies a terrain that at first seems familiar, but after repeated listens it’s clear she’s sowing beautiful new structures in this apparently oft-visited arena. contemporary

Cuizinier (France)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: CUIZINIER J’aime Bouger Ca DOWNLOAD: CUIZINIER Oh of all the misshapen genres in the ether, ‘eurocrunk’ never fails to raise a smile. as with the much-maligned ‘trip hop’ tag, it’s a media-construct; designed to

Fat Planet – Para One (France)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. mp3: PARA ONE turtle trouble mp3: PARA ONE epiphanie teaser (surkin megamixx) for many years back in the day, i was a techno head – perhaps not the kind of purist who went seeking for

Shank, Singapore Sling, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Cobra Killer

mp3s from artists (or their associates…) who featured on this week’s show >> SHANK [GERMANY] oust mp3 my guest today was germany’s burnt friedman (pictured) – an artist whose experiments in genres range from dub, jazz and latin to techno, ambient and more. two

Sex In Dallas, Phonique, Apparat, Electric Eel Shock

after a little break in proceedings, the blog is back on the regular mp3 hunt. this week – a trio with a german electronic flavour, rounded off with great rock n roll, japanese style. all of these artists appeared on

Slowly Minute, Eedl, Gotan Project

SLOWLY MINUTE [JAPAN] a constellation and shooting stars mp3 produced by japanese electronic artist nobukazu takemura, slowly minute might seem like it drifts into territory once occupied by air and their ilk. thankfully, there’s no “lounge beats” here, this is much more wayward + haphazard and all

Juana Molina, Think Twice, Ulrich Schnauss

JUANA MOLINA [ARGENTINA] tres cosas mp3 yet another tune from folktronica artist, juana molina – this is the title track from her album ‘tres cosas’. i’ve almost completly emptied the cupboard of juana’s free downloads here on this site and played probably more tracks

Visionary Underground, Air, Limited Express (Has Gone), Girl With A Monkey, Former Selv

VISIONARY UNDERGROUND [ENGLAND] 100 vibes (feat. aref durvesh & matthew barley) mp3 i played a track from dj feelfree today, one of the main forces behind the uk asian drum’n’breaks crew visionary underground. i use the term drum’n’breaks intentionally, as it’s also the title of the

Jukes, Bela Butono, Avril

JUKES [ENGLAND] wandering star mp3 jukes (pictured) is the solo project for bristol-based vocalist tammy payne. i played a track on today’s show called ‘i wasn’t even looking’ which favourably recalls one summer ten years ago, hearing portishead’s ‘sour times’ for the first

Neo Mikyako, Juana Molina, OMR, To Rococo Rot, Tabla Beat Science, Daedelus

NEO MIKYAKO [ENGLAND] my nuthin’ babe mp3 a duo from the uk making more of that crunchy electro rock that seems to be filling floors down here in sunny old australia. someone recently called it “datarock” which freaked me out – i’m

Underwater Alien Being, Narzedzie, Asobi Seksu, Think Twice

UNDERWATER ALIEN BEING [POLAND] aparnet mp3 + NARZEDZIE [POLAND] chaos fm mp3 from the polish label, gb productions, here’s a couple of their many mp3s available to download. they operate under the banner ‘music played on machines’ and the above tracks dutifully demonstrates their commitment