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Repercussions #15 “The Electronic Music of Thom Yorke”

To celebrate the release of Thom Yorke’s new album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Stuart Buchanan is joined on Repercussions by designer & artist Heath Killen, and presenter of FBi’s Popular Demand, Luke Telford, to discuss Thom’s exploratory adventures in electronic music.  From early experiments on Radiohead B-sides and their ‘difficult’ middle period albums, via his solo debut The Eraser, to collaborations with Modeselektor, Flying Lotus and Various ProductionRepercussions documents Thom’s transition from enthusiastic fan to game changing provocateur.

Repercussions #13 – Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Works Volume II”

Repercussions Aphex Twin

Released in 1994, and following a slew of disturbingly warped and frenetic experimental techno releases, ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume II‘ was not the record that everyone expected. In this episode of Repercussions, Stuart Buchanan is joined by Peter Hollo from FBi’s Utility Fog to listen back to classic cuts from the record, and to attempt to unravel why the work was loved and loathed in equal measure, and why it remains such a seminal piece of electronic music history.