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Au Revoir ‘Fat Planet’ – What’s Next?

This week marks the final Fat Planet show in its current incarnation on Double J, but there’s more to come in 2019 – including a new spot for me on the ABC and a brand new music podcast.

NEWS. Fat Planet Returns – on Double J

Many moons ago, my radio program Fat Planet boomed out of the FBi Radio transmission tower, spreading a heady diet of brand new music from all around the world, and together we laughed and danced and cried and made merry for many years. Flash forward to 2017, and I’m super-stoked to tell you that Fat Planet is returning, with the same curatorial mission – to uncover vital sounds from music cultures around the globe. This time around, Fat Planet finds it home with the genius minds at Double J, and it all kicks off next Wednesday (18th January) 8pm.

Fat Planet – Rewind

Fat Planet is coming to the end of its journey (for now…). Here’s the story: In August 2003, I started broadcasting the Fat Planet show on the (then) newly-birthed FBi Radio in Sydney.  FBi was set up to take a unique view of Australian music, to reposition

Fat Planet – Arabesque Mix

‘Fat Planet Arabesque’ is inspired by artists such as Mutamassik, Filastine, 2/5 BZ and dj/Rupture who take a distinctly skewed and sonically distorted approach to working with sounds from the Middle East.  This mix was intended to, once again, prove the case that innovative, unique and challenging music can be found in all parts of the globe; and that attempts to blend territorial sensibilities and thus disable borders can be achieved without resorting – as is so often the case – to commercial lounge ‘remixes’ of indigenous work from Western DJs.

The mix was recorded in November 2006, was first broadcast on a ‘Fat Planet’ Special on the Australian Community Radio Network in June 2007, and re-broadcast on Dialectic, November 2007 (Edge Radio Hobart and nationwide on CRN).

Interview: E-Stonji (Germany)

Originally published on Fat Planet. For as long as there has been scientific study and for as long as there has been art, the two disciplines have made for curious bedfellows. Over the centuries, they have been both repelled and

Interview: Modeselektor (Germany)

Originally published on Fat Planet. with a guest list that includes ttc, maximo park, paul st hillaire and mr thom yorke, expectations were going to be sky-high for modeselektor‘s new album ‘happy birthday’. for the last two weeks, it’s been

Fat Planet – Lindstrom (Norway) Interview

August 2007 saw the release of Norwegian producer Lindstrom‘s contribution to the ‘Late Night Tales‘ series, pulling together a selection of some of his favourite tunes that document the wee small hours. Previous contributors include Four Tet, Air and The

Fat Planet – Jimi Tenor (Finland)

DOWNLOAD: jimi tenor & rhythm taxi – moon goddess (live) many moons ago i was introduced to the music of jimi tenor, the lounge lethario of finland. the album, seemingly presented on a gold lame platter, was ‘sahkomies’ and featured

Villa Diamante (Argentina)

DOWNLOAD: VILLA DIAMANTE & MARIANA BARAJ unknown more argentian excellence, this time from the blackside inc label, home to “strictly black music” and artists such as daleduro, loder, lucas luisao and arkd. villa diamante, the alias for producer diego balacio,

El Remolon (Argentina)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. mp3: EL REMOLON cumbia bichera mp3: EL REMOLON cumbia bichera (tremor mix) originally from colombia, cumbia has spread far and wide over the centuries, permeating deeply throughout central and south america. contemporary strains can be

Mico (Japan)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: MICO phenomena of the mind DOWNLOAD: MICO black words ‘four women no cry vol.2’ is the sequel to 2005’s original compilation of new female electronic artists, brought to us by the ever-excellent german label,

African Underground: Depths Of Dakar (Senegal)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: SEN KUMPA niawal some time ago, the u.s.-based label nomadic wax dropped ‘african underground vol.1 – hip hop senegal’ – the first, and to my mind still the only compilation of senegalese hip hop

Fat Planet – Amon Tobin (Brazil) Interview

2007 saw the Australian release of Brazilian Amon Tobin’s studio album ‘The Foley Room’. as the title suggests, Tobin had worked to evolve from using vinyl sample sources to ‘found’ or ‘constructed’ sounds. It’s a huge testament to Tobin that

Fat Planet – Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto) Interview

In January 2007, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Miho Hatori, formerly one half of the legendary Japanese band Cibo Matto, on the release of her debut solo album ‘Ecdysis’. Cibo Matto found success in the U.S. initially off

Fat Planet – El Perro Del Mar (Sweden) Interview

Inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of moments. Sarah Assbring, aka El Perro Del Mar, broke years of “cold” and “empty” writers’ block, sitting on a beach in Spain, watching an “old salty sea dog” trot by. Somehow, in

Sachiko Kanenobu (Japan)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: SACHIKO KANENOBU look up, the sky is beautiful there’s a darker underbelly to having a radio show or a music blog – you have to kiss a fair few frogs to find your prince.

Fat Planet – Juana Molina (Argentina)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. mp3: JUANA MOLINA micael some recent background text on juana molina described her as a “stealth artist”, deploying her true depth with such subtle maneouvers that it’s dangerously easy to dismiss her with a cursory

Fat Planet – Annie (Norway) Interview

this fat planet podcast is taken from earlier this year when annie‘s anniemal album finally received an australian release. on the phone from norway, annie and i talked about finding inspiration in rave parties, metal, madonna and jap-pop; about how

Fat Planet – Filastine (U.S.) Interview

A ‘Fat Planet’ interview with Grey Filastine, originally broadcast on FBI Radio on 8th October 2006. Grey discusses his previous work with Tchkung! and his misadventures with the Infernal Noise Brigade, then bringing us up to speed with the genesis

Fat Planet – Skist (Japan)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: SKIST the last place DOWNLOAD: SKIST return last weekend i had the good fortune to spend some time in the company of tokyo-based duo, skist. we were both in newcastle for the annual ‘this

Eglantine Gouzy (France)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: EGLANTINE GOUZY cuckoo DOWNLOAD: EGLANTINE GOUZY boa DOWNLOAD: EGLANTINE GOUZY 12h12 parisian eglantine gouzy occupies a terrain that at first seems familiar, but after repeated listens it’s clear she’s sowing beautiful new structures in this apparently oft-visited arena. contemporary