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Out From Under #37 – New Music: Corin, Luke Howard, Call Compatible +

In the final episode of the second season of Out From Under, we investigate a host of new releases from the underside of the Australian music scene.

There’s dramatic, angular electronics on Corin’s stunning new album on Bedouin Records ; Melbourne composer Luke Howard gets remixed by Fia Fiell and Nina Buchanan; we hear from Perth minimal psych duo Erasers; we delve into releases from producers Puscha and Yunzero; we hear two tracks from a new Brisbane compilation called Aussy Bangers; plus new music from artist and curator Gail Priest, Sydney’s Call Compatible and Melbourne noise artist Beast Bones.

New Weird Australia, Volume Three

Sleeve Notes. The old adage still holds true – one man’s meat is indeed another man’s poison. Divert the same philosophy to music and the song remains the same. One woman’s rock is another woman’s roll – or thereabouts. We