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Wood And Wire – New Music from Elbee & Invisible Prism


New on Wood And Wire this month …

Wood And Wire‘s June release schedule invites you to a take journey to the inner reaches of the mind; follow the sines to the symbols, to a place where time has no meaning, courtesy of our cosmonauts of inner space Elbee & Invisible Prism.

Psychic map-maker Invisible Prism (pictured) drops his debut on Wood And Wire, titled Innermost Outerspace.  The EP is a analogue travelogue of subtle body music, timelessspace anthems and psychosomatic experiments – an instructional manual for a fantastic voyage.

Elbee ‘Visions of Vactrols’ (Wood And Wire)

Elbee is the work of sound artist and music producer Lloyd Barrett. Visions of Vactrols is a new way of sampling, it is a new way of processing, it is an old brain child rehydrated.