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Discontent – China (A Mixtape by Shaun from Tenzenmen)

One of my most long-serving curatorial projects was ‘Fat Planet’ – a radio show and blog that ran from 2003 to 2008. The mission was simple – uncover new, alternative music from around the globe. Ignore the ‘western paradigm’ and

Ourself Beside Me | Medicine Girl

By way of a sequel to the recent White post, Ourself Beside Me are the second of the two tangents that emerged following the split of Beijing’s Hang On The Box. Whilst Shenggy drifted off to join White with Carsick

White | Build A Link, Bai

Experience has taught me that new, weird music is being made literally everywhere, on every square millimetre of this globe, and thus – forging ahead with such a theory – China should be no different. Yet, despite wrangling bastard algorithms

Schizbreak (China) – ‘Not Fair’

mp3: SCHIZBREAK not fair continuing our irregular series of arists from china >> one part musician, one part design force, schizbreak hails from hong kong and crafts lo-fi guitar / electro pop tales of heartbreak and desire, landing in territory

Tang Ren Ti (China) – ‘Zi Nue’

mp3: TANG REN TI zi nue (self-abuse) mp3: TANG REN TI shanliang de xin (good heart) after a long period of hesitation, i finally took the plunge last weekend and once more attempted to delve deep into china’s alternative music