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Introducing New Weird Australia

For a while, I’ve been looking for an outlet to best explore, promote and galvanise the weird / experimental music scene in my current home of Australia. This country has a long and vital history of experimental music, however until

Vorad Fils | Android Creche

Vorad Fils is the solo guise of Sydney producer John Hassell, who also fills his days working with local electronic three-piece Seekae and their high-school precursor Songs For Surgery. Clearly professing his love of Boards Of Canada on his Myspace

Underlapper | Meanderthal (Cleptocleptics Remix)

When Underlapper first emerged, a collection of their own homespun CD-Rs went into circulation, track titles scrawled in green biro on TDK branded inlays. This demarkation clearly suggested that Underlapper were still in their embryonic phase, that they hadn’t quite

Dizz1 | RBMA Mix

More local product from out of Australia: Dizz1 has been a player in the Australian music scene for a long while, as turntablist, promoter, producer, drummer and teacher. He’s been part of known Australian hip hop / beats projects such

Pivot | Cities

I’m over 2008 already. In fact, two months ago I bought a 2009 diary and I’ve been using it ever since. My personal indignation about all that was unfavourable in 2008 is surely not replicated by Australia’s Pivot. By anyone’s

Mark Barrage | Hindsight

Mark Barrage has been all but absent from the recorded music scene over the last three years or so – ‘Hero Or Dirt’ dropped on Feral Media back in 2005. In the intervening continuum, he’s been playing many live shows

Morganics (Australia) – ‘Hip Hop Is My Passport’

If the name ‘Morganics‘ feels oddly familiar to you, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it, hit ‘Mango Pickle Down River’ on M.I.A.‘s ‘Kala’. A few seconds into the track and you’ll hear the Australian producer and MC

DJ Rupture, Beans, Ozi Balta, The Stills

DJ RUPTURE [U.S./SPAIN] high resolution mp3 following the nettle post, here’s some more of barcelona-based dj rupture (pictured). although recorded under his ‘DJ’ name, this also drops some eastern influence, albeit lower in the mix – the predominant feel is sample-heavy midtempo broken beat,

Bi(f)tek, Bjork, Cornershop, Bebel Gilberto, The Go! Team, Polysics

BI(F)TEK [AUSTRALIA] unisex mp3 played a track today from the experts, a collaboration between australian artists byron scullin and nicole skeltys from female duo bi(f)tek. the album ‘electro city breaks’ seems to be a tie-in with the ‘lonely planet’ tv series, but there’s very