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Out From Under #33 – New Music: Mara, Karen Marks, Laurence Pike +

This episode of Out From Under is a new music special, taking a deep dive into new music releases from Australian experimental artists.

We’ll be listening to: Sydney’s Oren Ambarchi teaming up with turntablist and composer Martin Ng and the new music quartet Ensemble Offspring; the new solo album from renowned Australian percussionist and producer Laurence Pike; Brisbane radical violinist Adam Cadell in a collaboration with French folk collective Artus; two cuts from Perth collective Rathe; experimental vocal work on a pair of remixes by Mara (pictured) and Arrom, reversioning The Overheads and Sebastian Field; plus we fall back in time with a newly unearthed cold-wave classic from Melbourne’s Karen Marks and take a cut from Canberra via Tokyo producer Wa?ste.

NEW MUSIC. Marks Of Provenance II

Marks Of Provenance II is the second annual compilation from my label, Provenance, and features nine exclusive, unreleased tracks from Aphir, KAIAR, Medicine Voice, Arrom, Lortica, Kris Keogh, Shoeb Ahmad and Brute Canon.

It was originally released on Bandcamp at the tail end of 2017; but this week finds itself newly nestled in every other music service; the Spotifys and Apples of the world.

NEW MUSIC. Arrom ‘Take My Lymphs Remixes’

This music recommendation is from close to home – the latest release from my Provenance label. It comes from Melbourne producer Arrom, and is a collection of reworks from her debut album Take My Lymphs. Each new variation draws on the experimental pop, ethereal choral vocals and dark, organic electronics of the original album, and moves it, with a great fluidity, into new spaces. It’s a miscellany of avant electronics – dark pop, abstract, minimal and even a momentary slice of breakcore.