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Frikstailers | Baile Frik

When I first blogged about Frikstailers back in 2007, it was clear that something frisky was being dunked in the water in Argentina. Laid out in front of us, we had a seemingly endless outpouring of twitchy, fidget electro from

New Cumbia | El Remolon, Fauna, Chancha Via Circuito, El Hijo De La Cumbia

This round up of new cumbia from the back half of 2008 almost made the cut for a possible relaunch of Fat Planet back in October, but Discontent beat that idea to the finish line and this post was shelved. 

Tremor | Viajante (Remix)

We’ve seen Japanese baile funk and Portuguese kuduro – here’s another genre displaced from its homeland: Australian Cumbia. The Cumbia Cosmonauts may be based in Melbourne, but they have deep links back to Mexico via a long-standing creative relationship with

Villa Diamante (Argentina) – ‘ZZK Mixtape Vol.1’

Another month, another mixtape from our most posted (and requested) Argentinean producer, Villa Diamante. This is the first mixtape release for ZZK Records (the label cousin of the Zizek club in Buenos Aires) and features some of Villa’s previously posted

Zizek (Argentina) – ‘Paris Of The South’ Goes North

Having posted many times over the last year on the current movements in the Argentinean music scene, I’d be entirely remiss if I didn’t give our North American readers a heads-up on the imminent Zizek tour. The Buenos Aires party

VJ Pixie & El Remolon (Argentina) – ‘Cumbia Mash’

mp3: VJ PIXIE El Bombon En El Club mp3: EL REMOLON Modeselektor vs Calle 13 Last year, Fat Planet featured a series of Argentinean artists, many of which were developing a sound that I have referred to – on more

Pirate Pixie (Argentina) – El Mash Piola

ZSHARE: VARIOUS ARTISTS El Mash Piola Vol.2 The nevuo-cumbia juggernaut rolls on with this next entry in the bastard pop / cumbia mash genre, titled ‘Mash Piola 2’ – a new mixtape compiled by Pirate Pixie. Taking source material from

Villa Diamante (Argentina)

DOWNLOAD: VILLA DIAMANTE & MARIANA BARAJ unknown more argentian excellence, this time from the blackside inc label, home to “strictly black music” and artists such as daleduro, loder, lucas luisao and arkd. villa diamante, the alias for producer diego balacio,

El Remolon (Argentina)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. mp3: EL REMOLON cumbia bichera mp3: EL REMOLON cumbia bichera (tremor mix) originally from colombia, cumbia has spread far and wide over the centuries, permeating deeply throughout central and south america. contemporary strains can be

Fat Planet – Juana Molina (Argentina)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. mp3: JUANA MOLINA micael some recent background text on juana molina described her as a “stealth artist”, deploying her true depth with such subtle maneouvers that it’s dangerously easy to dismiss her with a cursory

Slowly Minute, Eedl, Gotan Project

SLOWLY MINUTE [JAPAN] a constellation and shooting stars mp3 produced by japanese electronic artist nobukazu takemura, slowly minute might seem like it drifts into territory once occupied by air and their ilk. thankfully, there’s no “lounge beats” here, this is much more wayward + haphazard and all

Juana Molina, Think Twice, Ulrich Schnauss

JUANA MOLINA [ARGENTINA] tres cosas mp3 yet another tune from folktronica artist, juana molina – this is the title track from her album ‘tres cosas’. i’ve almost completly emptied the cupboard of juana’s free downloads here on this site and played probably more tracks

Neo Mikyako, Juana Molina, OMR, To Rococo Rot, Tabla Beat Science, Daedelus

NEO MIKYAKO [ENGLAND] my nuthin’ babe mp3 a duo from the uk making more of that crunchy electro rock that seems to be filling floors down here in sunny old australia. someone recently called it “datarock” which freaked me out – i’m