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Although his releases under the T++ alias have gained a small yet hardcore tribe of clipped electro & dubstep devotees, Torsten Proefrock has long been an influential figure in the ever-evolving rabbit hole of interconnections that is Berlin electronica.

Of late, Proefrock has surfaced with exceptional remixes for the late Skull Disco label – versions of Shackleton’s epic ‘Death Is Not Final’ and Appleblim’s ‘Vansan’. However, his role as Senior Player dates back to the late 1990s, with the establishment of his DIN label – with Pole, Arovane and Monolake all receiving the DIN release treatment, as well as Proefrock’s Dynamo and ‘Various Artists‘ projects. He also played a major role in introducing Berliners and mail order junkies to one of the most unstoppable forces in intelligent music retail, Mark (Basic Channel) Ernestus’ HardWax, fulfilling the job of Store Manager for many years.

It is to Monolake however that we turn for Proefrock’s most prolific work, as producer, regular collaborator and, with the withdrawl of original collaborator and Abelton founder Gerhard Behles, now essentially the ‘other half’ of Robert Henke’s long-standing project. This new, unreleased track is distributed via Henke’s Monolake site, forshadowing his plans for the pair to stage a number of live shows together throughout 2009.

T++ – Therefore Version 5 | download page

Bonus: Robert Henke with Torsten Proefrock – Atlantic Waves IV (Live at The Tate) | mp3 | more info

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