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Sydney Writers Festival 2013 – Reading in the E-Future

I’ll be appearing on a panel at this year’s Sydney Writers Festival, titled Reading in the E-Future, looking at the ways in which technology is changing the way we read.

The panel includes Eli Horowitz, the co-creator of The Silent History, prosaically  dubbed “a serialized, exploratory novel for the iPad and iPhone”.  From what I’ve uncovered thus far, I can say that The Silent History is a unique and compelling experience, one that takes no prisoners as far as traditional narrative is concerned.  Eli was also managing editor and then publisher of McSweeney’s – a journal that became a well-loved publishing empire, blowing a delicious raspberry in the face of literary industry doomsayers.

Also joining us is Quintin Schevernels, the CEO of Layar – one of the foremost proponents of mobile augmented reality technology, early to the table and quick to establish a well-deserved foothold in the market.  They recently adapated their business model to target the publishing industry more directly, so it’ll be interesting to hear what Quintin has to say about their upcoming plans and projects.

There’s also Dr Neil James from the Plain English Foundation, cited as “an expert in the rhetoric of writing”.  His latest book Modern Manglish “skewers the worst excesses of buzzwords and suit speak”, so I’ll need to employ my own internal jargon-radar and be on my best behaviour.

We’re marshalled by Anna Maguire, blogger and editor of the excellent Digireado, a site dedicated to digital reading and publishing.

I’ll be talking about the work of Branches, our digital journal Cuttings and our new iPad app for the renowned Australian text, Summer of The Seventeenth Doll.

The panel takes place on Friday 24th May at 1pm at Wharf Theatre 2, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay.  Tickets from

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