Stress Waves – ‘Lost Lustre’ (Wood And Wire)

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Lost Lustre is a collection of two tracks that were made to try out recording with an SK-5 Casio Keyboard and a third track to make use of a Casio SK-1. They started as demos to initiate working together before moving on to work with Midi-  controllers and Ableton and ended up becoming the soul of Stress Waves. The tracks were recorded in a couple of nights in an office in a house in Norman Park, Brisbane and were mixed on the bus to work, on planes, in airports and in bed. The sounds are inspired equally by musical acts such as Asylum Party and Tangerine Dream and films such as Blade Runner and Akira.


Stress Waves is both an attempt to express the romance and wonder of the post-apocalyptic entertainment of the 80’s and 90’s and an exploration of ideas put forth by bands and musicians of that era.


1. Incandescent Dreams (2.47)
2. Lost Lustre (11.23)
3. Fluorescent Flares (3.48)


Nick: Vocals
Josh: Bass
Errol: Guitar, Synthesisers, Artwork / Production & Mastering.

Cover Photograph by Adrian Huntley.

Catalogue. WW18