it was a ‘scandanavian special’ on this week’s FAT PLANET radio show (probably the first of many geo-specific specials), so it seems only fitting to follow suit in the blog this week with a trio of artists from sweden. the show also featured an interview with karin from the knife (who feature heavily – by default – in the following post…) which i hope to podcasting for y’all in the near future. in the meantime, view the knife’s stunning collection of video work at radidrecords.com.

donne moi poisson (feat. ttc)
stay beautiful (feat one-two)
let me just clear one thing up right now – stacs of stamina’s new album ‘tivoli’ is one of the best albums of 2005. easy. and with it comes a hilarious new genre classification – ‘euro-crunk’. crunk was born from southern usa, so it seems truly fucked up to find that seemingly unique sensibility transplanted to northern europe… yet here it is – proving once more that music knows no borders. it also proves just how dramatic crunk can be when we take some of the less agile MCs out of the equation. in ‘tivoli’, we hear not only from stacs themselves (johan, marcus and gesan), but also from mike ladd, the never-less-than-inspiring french crew ttc (mp3 above) and grime MC ears. after a softer start, the album kicks into high gear halfway through and propels this release into the ‘must-own’ category – at once both deliciously deft and deleriously blunt, ‘tivoli’ sets an impossible standard against which future challengers will be judged. there’s some props for the release over at gabba.cc and music for robots, however ‘tivoli’ has received little in the way of press attention – which is a glaring ommission on the part of the ‘official’ media. that aside, do the decent thing and do what i was compelled to do; round up your hard-earned pennies and buy this album. [buy at boomkat / forced exposure]. for an additional ‘stacs’ fix, check out this earlier (and far less crunk-ified) mp3 ‘lemon pepper’ from the 2002 compilation ‘offbeats vol.1’. also, johan from stacs teams up with french artist dj tron to form the remix / production duo radioclit. check out an mp3 entitled damn here.

a brief story
jenny wilson first popped into my consciousness as guest vocalist on one of the most catchy and goddam-hummable pop releases of the year – ‘you take my breath away’ by the knife. it’s by no means pop by numbers – at times it seems out of kilter (even out of key) and the introduction of the steel drum into the electro pop genre remains one of the msot baffling audio marriages to date. in the background to that release, jenny wilson released her debut album – the first signing to the knife’s radid records. ‘love and youth’ furthers the cracked pop sound and vision of the knife, but strips away that duo’s flouro flavours and offers instead a more simple, personal approach. originally a vocalist for swedish indie band first floor power, ‘love and youth’ is by means instantly digestible, and therein lies its power. the above mp3 is the b-side to jenny’s debut single ‘summertime – the roughest time’. the subsequent single ‘let my shoes lead me forward’ features mxs from joachim and the knife. more at jennywilson.net

stay in the shade
this week at the radio station, we had a ‘moment’. that rare glitch in time where an artist plays a track live in the studio and the whole place stops, transifxed and mesmerised. this week jose gonzales – in australia for a short tour – brought us all to our knees with his beautiful accoustic rendition of the knife’s ‘heartbeats’. of argentinian descent, the swedish singer songwriter has been raking in the cash for himself and the knife by allowing sony to use the track in their tvc for a new hi-def tv screen – you know the one, where 250,000 coloured balls are released into the streets. whether jose will forever be remembered for this one moment remains to be seen, but i sincerely hope not – even a cursory listen to his australian tour e.p. proved to me that there’s a great deal more to offer than simply being a karaoke troubador (even if his version of kylie’s ‘put your hand on your heart’ is outstanding). perhaps his latest project, as part of the swedish band junip, will break him into new territories. you can find mp3s and a video clip at junip.net

finally – on an unrelated tip, i recommend a new blog from fellow fbi collaborator, lyndon pike, entitled ‘chewy chewy‘. recent posts feature downloads from australia’s most excellent clue to kalo, plus maximillian hecker, maurice fulton and the free design.

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