Slowly Minute, Eedl, Gotan Project

a constellation and shooting stars mp3
produced by japanese electronic artist nobukazu takemuraslowly minute might seem like it drifts into territory once occupied by air and their ilk. thankfully, there’s no “lounge beats” here, this is much more wayward + haphazard and all the more interesting for it. often the beats, the ideas and the instrumentation don’t match – creating what should be a aural disaster, but instead blends together into some beautiful post-rock / folktronica. and it’s all the more surprising, as the artist (takahiro chiba from sapparo) is still only 24 years old and making music that susumu yakota ought to be chasing.

too few arguments mp3
i took a track today from a cd just arrived in the post, thanks to lackluster in finland – a collection of his superb glitch electronica mxs of other people’s work. you can hear some sound samples from the cd (and of course order the thing itself) here. the track played was originally by the barcelona-based electronica duo, eedl (pictured) and was called ‘too few arguments (no arguments at all lacklustermx)’. above is a lo-fi mp3 from the band that takes the blueprint laid down by fellas like autechre and boards of canada and adds even more warmth and melody. more band info here.

santa maria mp3
so the gotan project made it absolutely acceptable to play tango in your own living room, to prance around with your partner on your arm, imagining you were the belles of the dancefloor. maybe you went so far as to put a rose between your teeth … if nothing else, the gotan projectat least allowed the theory of contemporary international music to travel far and wide. whether or not you followed their musical stylings is another matter. judge for yourself with this cut from their hugely successful album ‘la revancha del tango’. their new mix cd (from which i played a track today) is notable for addition not only the excellent calexico remix of one of their tracks, but also a mix from the exceptional anti-pop consortium (the original crew from whence beans sprang). hearing gotan vs anti-pop’s blend of NY alt.hip hop is a must.