Following the success of the Fat Planet radio show and music blog, I launched my first podcast in 2008, titled Slang Tang. In truth, the remit was almost identical to that of the former radio show, but it was unshackled from a weekly live-radio format, allowing more space to research and select tracks.

Across nine-episodes, Slang Tang featured alternative, electronic & urban music from around the world, as well as exclusive interviews with British bass producer The Bug, and Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife, in her Fever Ray guise.


Episode 1 (April 2008)
Episode 2 (April 2008)
Episode 3 (May 2008)
Episode 4 (June 2008)
Episode 5 (August 2008)
Special: Interview with The Bug (August 2008)
Episode 6 (September 2008)
Episode 7 (December 2008)
Special: Interview with Fever Ray (April 2009)