Slang Tang Podcast – Fever Ray Interview

Following the release of their critically acclaimed and award-winning album ‘Silent Shout’, Swedish dark-electro duo The Knife took time out to pursue their own individual projects. Olaf Dreijer worked on an original soundtrack for the opera ‘Tommorow In A Year’ by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. His sister, Karin Dreijer Andersson, instead opted for a solo album, under the name Fever Ray. Whilst occupying similar sonic territories to The Knife, ‘Fever Ray’ introduced a personal and intimate side to Karin that was hitherto unseen.

In this Interview Edition of the Slang Tang podcast series, I talked to Karin about the Fever Ray project. Over the phone from her home in Sweden, Karin discusses the genesis of the project, her continuing exploration of electronic music and the impact of motherhood on her creative work.

Originally broadcast on FBi Radio, May 2009.