Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 6

Slang Tang Episode 6 starts with a double-shot of ’skwee’ – the growing Scandanvian genre that blends bleep-tronica, twitch hip hop, r&b and funk – represented here by two Swedes, Rigas Den Andre and Beem.  Australian-Sri Lankan MC and prolific live performer Pataphysics follows with a track from his debut album release, performed in Singhalese, which runs into a cut from Nigeria’s Afrikan Boy – following up his appearance on M.I.A.’s ‘Kala’ album with his debut mixtape, ‘Can Of Whoop Ass’. Heatwave collaborator Rubi Dan then freestyles over the classic dubstep crossover ‘Night’ from Benga and Coki, drawing us into two tracks of digital cumbia – the first from Argentinean Chancha Via Circuito’s debut album “Rodante”, the second from The Cumbia Cosmonauts, a group of Australians proving the point that cumbia knows no borders.  We close with a new remix of an early Eighties post-punk gem from Brazilian band, Agentss, fresh from the Man Recordings stable.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.6 (September 2008)

RIGAS DEN ANDRE – Crush Kill Destroy  [Sweden] | Buy
BEEM – Don’t Bogart That Can, Man  [Sweden] | Download
PATAPHYSICS – Komatha Machang  [Sri Lanka / Australia] | Buy
AFRICAN BOY VS DONAEO – African Warrior (Remix)  [Nigeria] | Stream
RUBI DAN, BENGA & COKI – It’s On Tonight (The Heatwave Refix)  [Barbados / England] | Download
CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO – Bosques Vía Temperley (with Kumbha Kethu)  [Argentina] | Buy
THE CUMBIA COSMONAUTS – Cumbianauts Incoming  [Australia]
AGENTSS – Agentss (NoMoHeroes Mix)  [Brazil] | Download

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Artwork on this post by Beem.