Shank, Singapore Sling, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Cobra Killer

mp3s from artists (or their associates…) who featured on this week’s show >>

oust mp3
my guest today was germany’s burnt friedman (pictured) – an artist whose experiments in genres range from dub, jazz and latin to techno, ambient and more. two of his projects stand out – burnt friedman and the nu dub players and his collaboration with uwe schmidt (aka atom heart / senor coconut) on flanger, released through ninja tune. unfortunately for burnt and myself, and all the show’s listeners, we had a classic culture clash – neither of us seemed to really understand each other (glaswegian meets reticent german), so the interview wasn’t exactly full of fireworks. that aside, burnt’s selection of tracks was impressive and allowed the music to speak for itself (as there wasn’t any other choice…). my search for free’n’legal burn downloads wasn’t very fruitful, but i’ve included a track here from shank, a team of six imporvisers from berlin, which opens the compilation ‘difficult easy listening’ on burnt’s label nonplace.

life is killing my rock n roll mp3
a new album from this band, who featured earlier this year on fat planet. this time around, their trademark ‘fuzz rock’ sound has been more perfectly honed, coming up with dark, brittle guitar pop, the like of which has been rarely spotted since the jesus and mary chain. finland’s dead combo had a crack at it recently, but singapore sling play down any electronic influence and instead head for straight-up rock n roll purity! you can find a whole heap of influences in here, and – yes – singapore sling don’t win points for innovation, but you’re better off letting that slide and just getting off on the joy of it all.

1982 mp3
the hacker has a new album out, distributed through play it again sam, and its his first solo album since the runaway success of his collaboration with miss kittin, ‘the first album’. the new release, ‘reves mechanique’ ditches the ‘pop’ and heads straight for ‘electro’, although his old collaborator pops up on the track ‘masterplan’ which i played on this week’s show. the above mp3 is a classic example of clean, lean electropop from their 2001 album on international deejay gigolos. hear samples from ‘reves mechanique’ here.

let’s have a problem mp3
a return visit for this mp3 – the female german duo are gracing sydney with their presence next weekend, so in honour of that smart decision, here’s another crack at their track (produced by mr t.raumschmiere) on monika if you missed it the first time.