INTERVIEW. Sarah Hopkins – the Aussie who scored a spot on Björk’s Utopia

Björk’s latest album Utopia is a collaboration between the Icelandic artist and Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi, also known as Arca. All of the 14 album tracks are credited solely to Björk and Ghersi, with one exception: the track ‘Features Creatures’ has a writing credit for Australian artist Sarah Hopkins.

Hopkins is a Queensland-based composer-performer, most well known for her work Past Life Melodies. 

It holds the honour of being the most performed Australian choral work in the world, and uses vocal techniques not traditionally found in Western choral music, such as harmonic overtones, Indigenous chants and throat singing.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah in tandem with my recent Björk interview. You can read excerpts from the interview at doublej.net.au.