Repercussions #20 “DJ Shadow – Endtroducing”

Celebrating the seminal album 'Entroducing' by DJ Shadow.

In 1996, 24-year old producer Josh Davis delivered an album that would transcend its origins within the hip hop community to become one of the most revered and most referenced records of its era. Endtroducing was the debut full-length release for Davis under the alias DJ Shadow, and it was famed for the fact that not only was it made from almost 100% sampled content, it also hung together beautifully as a cohesive and forward- thinking piece of work. In this episode of Repercussions, I’m joined by creative producer Jain Moralee and writer Kate Hennessy to discuss the impact and legacy of this classic album.


Featured in this episode:
DJ SHADOW – The Number Song
DJ SHADOW – Mutual Slump
DJ SHADOW – Organ Donor
JEREMY STORCH – I Feel A New Shadow
DJ SHADOW – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
DJ SHADOW – Stem (Cops & Robbers)
DJ SHADOW – What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 4)

First broadcast on FBi Click 24th November 2014