Provenance – The Definitive Action Series

This time last year, I wasn’t sure there would be another chapter in the Provenance story. Whilst the label was never intended to be part of a music ‘industry’, attention and acclaim and metrics were all nonetheless benchmarks for success; and low returns on all fronts put me in a difficult place. I put the label to sleep, conflicted about its place and purpose, possibly never to wake up.

But here we are, 12 months later, with four releases out this week from SiaMelissaSeb and Andrew – aka Shoeb AhmadSebastian FieldArrom and Ahm, coupled together as The Definitive Action Series.

Truth be told, it’s them, and those like them, that helped me to stop chastising myself, and to pull focus on what was most important: the need for art to grow and evolve, free from commerce; for the work to reach like-minds and welcome arms, whether one or one hundred; for art to leave a mark, no matter how faint.

And so the story continues. Click any of the links below to stay close; to read more chapters as they are written.

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