Various – ‘Marks Of Provenance II’ (Provenance)

The second annual free Provenance label compilation, ‘Marks Of Provenance II’.

DateDecember 2016
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The second annual Provenance free label compilation, ‘Marks Of Provenance II’. Features exclusive, unreleased music from Aphir, KAIA, Medicine Voice, Arrom, Lortica, Kris Keogh, Shoeb Ahmad and Brute Canon.


1. Arrom – Now Won
2. Medicine Voice – Shatter Shudder
3. Kris Keogh – Stolen
4. Brute Canon – Help Me Please You
5. KAIA – Mind Full
6. Aphir – Asymptote
7. Shoeb Ahmad – Skating On The Way
8. Lortica – Home Blue
9. KAIA – Praey


Catalogue. PR014