VAGRANT #3+4 – Talkshow Boy, Scraps, Feet Teeth + No Anchor, The Rational Academy, Anonymeye vs Ambrose Chapel

Two nights of weird, wild and wooly Australian acts at the third & fourth instalments of New Weird Australia's 'open source' gig series, Vagrant.

DateJuly 2012
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TALKSHOW BOY (Melbourne)


Both shows at:
THE WAITING ROOM, West End, Brisbane

Vagrant debuted in Brisbane in July over two nights, due to awesome coincidence, at the same venue. Programmed by Andrew Tuttle (Thursday 12th) and Ian Rogers (Saturday 14th), Vagrant’s inaugural Brisbane events brought a whole bunch of weird, wild and wooly Australian acts to The Waiting Room in West End.  Rad poster design by Matt Deasy of 7th Disaster.


Talkshow Boy (Melbourne): Talkshow Boy, aka Adrian K-Sahara aka Adrian Trajstman aka the guy from Keith! Party who raps heaps, has been creating amazing hyperactive hard-pop for almost a decade now. Talkshow Boy is energy personified and magnified, with elements of the synthesised world coming together in a frenetic blur. Electro, hip-hop, and breakcore are but some of the reference points for Talkshow Boy, although as a man who laughs heartily at genre, whilst giving it the warmest and fuzziest of cuddles, you know you’re in for something special. Talkshow Boy has released several albums, but Brisbane audiences will know that Adrian particularly shines in the live arena. Over heaps of performances over the last few years, this unofficial cultural ambassador for the Sunshine State sings, screams, yells, dances, and parties with reckless abandon.

Scraps (Brisbane): As Scraps, Brisbane’s Laura Hill creates melodic pop music that’s about as pure to the idea of a ‘good song’ as you can get nowadays. The Scraps live set is a lovely mix of humour, sincerity, the occasional awkward moment, and musical assuredness. Scraps is pretty much the essence of the DIY ethos, without the holier-than-thou argy-bargy. After way too long, Scraps has entered the world of recorded music, which is ace, as posterity is indeed a wise thing. A 12″ on Bedroom Suck, a 7″ on Disembraining, and some swell self-released CDRs should hopefully be at the ol’ merchandising table.

Feet Teeth (Brisbane): Feet Teeth are Joel, Paul, and Kate – three local darlings who together have managed to combine their love of textural sounds and incredible musical dexterity into something which is pretty wonderful. They make digitally mangled experimental free-jazz, with computer, trumpet, drum kit, electronics, marimba, commodore64 and other instruments. They’re also one of the few bands around that have chops, but aren’t smarmy jerks about it. Yet another reason to go see them live. Good vibes? Check. Good sounds? Check. Thumbs up to Feet Teeth!


No Anchor ( Brisbane’s most popular drone-doom-sludge-noise band (also Brisbane’s only drone-doom-sludge-noise band) return for their last show of 2012. Bass player / vocalist Ian Rogers heading to Europe in July and thus the band is going on ‘gig-hiatus’ until March 2013. So this is it: the last chance to hear this mess of a band for the year. And if that were not enough (it is often enough), they will be previewing a few new songs.

The Rational Academy ( This Brisbane four-piece may be the only black metal avant-pop supergroup on planet Earth. Loved by lonely teenagers and brain-damaged record collectors alike, these guys have been plugging away forever and never get their due. They are due a giant gold blimp, trailing the words THE RATIONAL ACADEMY ARE BETTER THAN YOU behind it. But life is bullshit, so it never happens.

Anonymeye VS Ambrose Chapel Total half-assed dog-shit played by two guys who couldn’t even get a gig if they weren’t so supernaturally attractive.

No Anchor photos by Charlyn Cameron.