Repercussions #9: “Selectors: Seekae”

Repercussions is my weekly radio show and podcast broadcasting on FBi Click. Here’s the details of the latest episode:

In the run up to the release of their third album The Worry, Sydney trio Seekae visit Repercussions to curate a selection of eclectic tracks that have influenced their work to date, including music from Shed, Benge, Flash And The Pan, The Reels, Roxy Music and more. They also discuss the making of the new record, their favourite Seekae remixes and their plans for 2014 and beyond.

DOWNLOAD: Repercussions #9: “Selectors: Seekae”

First broadcast on FBi Click, 25th August 2014

Featured in this episode:
BENGE – 1975 Moog Polymoog
FLASH AND THE PAN – Walking In The Rain
SHED – Another Wedged Chicken
THE REELS – Return
BLEED TURQUOISE – Bleed Turquoise
WAX – 10001B (Panamax Remix)
ROXY MUSIC – Dance Away
FIS – Steeper
WK7 – Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix)

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