Fat Planet – El Perro Del Mar [Sweden] Interview

Fat Planet's Stu Buchanan talks to Sweden's Sarah Assbring about her "quest" for the El Perro Del Mar sound.

Inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of moments. Sweden’s Sarah Assbring, aka El Perro Del Mar, broke years of “cold” and “empty” writers’ block, sitting on a beach in Spain, watching an “old salty sea dog” trot by. Somehow, in that moment of sunny, seaside bliss, the dog leant its name to a project that’s an inspired channelling of 1950s pop aesthetics, refracted through a dark, melancholic lens.

To label El Perro Del Mar a gloom-ridden project is to miss much of the point – underneath the dark and seemingly disparaging tones are rich undercurrents of humour and irony. In this Fat Planet interview, Sarah goes into detail about her “quest” for the El Perro Del Mar sound, her qualms about facing a live audience, the vision for album number two and working with on Jens Lekman’s DVD project.

First broadcast onĀ FBi Radio, January 2007.