Pollen Trio – ‘Wreck’ (Wood And Wire)

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The latest incarnation of Pollen Trio, now based in Sydney is comprised of Austin Buckett (piano, electronics), Evan Dorrian (drums) and Marcus Whale (computer, electronics and voice). The addition of Whale (Collarbones, Scissor Lock) sees the group moving into new territories with the introduction of voice alongside more electronic textures and manipulations. The music on their first EP together Wreck showcases a more hypnotically repetitive side to the group, while still retaining their unique sense of exploration.


Pollen Trio emerged out of Canberra, Australia in 2009 as a band looking to explore the possibilities of experimental improvised music. Their approach has been regularly compared with iconic Australian experimentalists The Necks, while also assimilating influences from left-field electronic music, avant-garde Jazz and contemporary classical music. The result is music that feels deconstructed, off kilter, hypnotic and immersive.

Since 2009, Pollen Trio has released music through cult Canberra label HellosQuare Recordings, including 3 limited edition CDRs, and their 2011debut album Roll Slow which featured Australian Jazz icon Miroslav Bukovsky on trumpet and percussion.

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1. Moon
2. Locked
3. Bowie
4. Laloux


Pollen Trio is

Evan Dorrian – drums
Marcus Whale – electronics + vocals
Austin Buckett – piano

Mastered by Thomas William
Produced by Austin Buckett

Catalogue. WW26