Slang Tang Podcast – Episode 3

In episode three of Slang Tang, we start in South Africa for a new project from Spoek (Sweat.X) and Sibot, aka Playdoe, in a remix by Toxic Avenger, then head across to Mozambique for the ‘Lady of the Bling’, aka Dama do Bling. We then hit Mexico to celebrate the new release from the Nortec Collective stable, from Bostich & Fussible and drop into Tokyo, for a collaboration between U.S. ex-pat Marxy and U.T. from Japanese performance art / noise duo, Kiiiiii! We wind down the podcast with three dubbed out tracks of different persuasions: Disrupt’s Germanic samurai digital dub, New Zealand’s Brazilbeat Sound System ‘Capoeira Dub’ and abstract cumbia from Aregntina’s Peronists.

DOWNLOAD: Slang Tang Ep.3 (May 2008)


PLAYDOE – It’s That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix) [South Africa] | Stream
DAMA DO BLING – Chamadas para Bling [Mozambique] | Buy
BOSTICH & FUSSIBLE – Shake It Up [Mexico] | Buy at GroupieTunes
MARXY & U.T. – Cat & Mouse [U.S. / Japan] | Buy at Boomkat
DISRUPT – Samurai Showdown [Germany] | Download
BRAZILBEAT SOUND SYSTEM – Capoeira Dub [New Zealand] | Buy
THE PERONISTS – Feria de los jueves en lules [Argentina] | Buy

Slang Tang is produced & presented by Stu Buchanan.

Post image Damo Do Bling via YouTube.