Piotr-Heslin – ‘Piotr-Heslin’ (Wood And Wire)

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Piotr-Heslin is a new collaboration between producer/composers Derek Piotr and Paul Heslin. Spread over seven tracks, this is a squall of self-built samples, guerrilla beat tactics and unusual processing that transcends genre or classification. The use of the human voice was a springboard for composition and is highlighted here, both as a central melodic element and texturally, as shredded sound design.

Notably it is a collaboration which could have only been possible as of recent times. Communicating entirely via email and shared digital files, this is the product of two artists who have never encountered each other face-to-face, yet have crafted an engaging and startling combination of their distinctive methods of sonic exploration.

The tracks are composed entirely of self-recorded sound (including freshly fallen snow and playground equipment) and startling beat networks. As vocalists, this release is marked by an intense, freewheeling exploration of the potential for digital manipulation of the human voice, notably on several tracks which are composed using only the voice as source material.

“experimentalism at its very best, not just a bit left field, but a genuine collection of aural experiments, each exploring a different phonic language and syntax”
Wake The Deaf

“Shifting between dub rhythms, vocals snippets, piercing glitch noises and organic percussion, this EP is something of a sonic roller coaster … [it] left me scratching my head in bewilderment trying to work out exactly what to make of it, and yet I remain completely captivated by every bizarre move they make”
Stray Landings

“a distinctly sinister atmosphere to many of the seven tracks collected here, and the sense of cohesive integration between Piotr and Heslin is frequently so strong that it’s a bit of a surprise to learn that the two have never met face-to-face, instead communicating only via the internet”
Cyclic Defrost

“seven tracks of surprisingly tender music underpinned by a scaffolding of grinding, surging glitch … an extraordinary achievement”
Blind Dragonfly


Derek Piotr Poland-born sound artist based currently in New England whose work focuses mainly on the voice. Has been intern to Meredith Monk; collaborated with AGF and Richard Chartier; and had works featured on ResonanceFM. derekpiotr.com

Paul Heslin Canberra-based composer/producer/whatever. He is a graduate of the Centre of New Media Art at the Australian National University and has performed regularly nationally and oversees, most notably at the This Is Not Art/Electrofringe Festival and the Australasian Computer Music Conference. 


1. edgeridge 02:42
2. shorting 02:29
3. widower 02:04
4. cholia 03:37
5. plated 00:29
6. soursop 02:46
7. klaiceps 01:44


Track 1 composed and produced by Derek Piotr
Tracks 2-6 composed and produced by Derek Piotr & Paul Heslin
Track 7 composed and produced by Paul Heslin

Mastered by Cory Allen at Altered Ear
Cover photo by Derek Piotr

Catalogue. WW24