New Weird Australia Live – Paint Your Golden Face, Alps, Caught Ship, Karoshi

New Weird Australia presented its first live event for 2010 at St Petersburg in featuring four acts from three states.

ALPS (Newcastle)
CAUGHT SHIP (Melbourne)
KAROSHI (Sydney)

St Petersburg, St Peters, Sydney

NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA presented its first live event for 2010 on Saturday 27th March, featuring four acts from three states, held at St Petersburg in St Peters, Sydney.

Headliners PAINT YOUR GOLDEN FACE are a two-piece from Hobart who make music with choirs, drum loops, vocal loops, organs and tape loops.  Following last year’s three-track single “He Was Run Off The Road By His Amazing Face”, the band appear at New Weird Australia to promote their self-titled debut album, released this month on Tenzenmen Records.

Newcastle’s ALPS (aka solo artist Chris Hearn) play textured pop music with elements of shoegaze, folk, psych and drone – centred around analog keys, clean guitars, reverby vocals, drum machines, field recordings and pedals. Since 2005, ALPS has independently and through different labels internationally released three albums, two EP’s and a variety of 7” singles and splits. The new album, “Alps of New South Whales” is out now.

Melbourne’s CAUGHT SHIP developed from the Ben Pat, a.k.a Ben & Pat, two men with a mutual enjoyment of sweet hip hop beats and delay pedals. Later adding Jon and Kahli, Caught Ship continued to develop their sound; and have since been working towards carving their own style in a live setting. A new recording from CAUGHT SHIP appears on NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA Volume Five.

KAROSHI is Sydney based musician, Beres Jackson who plays a mix of melodic downtempo folk-tronica, fused with Berlin influenced glitch-techno. 4-4-2 Music will be releasing Karoshi’s debut album during 2010 which sees an expanded approach to his sound, with additional input from his live band and other collaborators.


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